You will need
  • a ticket to the hospital
  • medical card
The first step towards receiving sanatorium-resort card is a selection of companies directly, where it will undergo rest and treatment. Every sanatorium has its own medical profile and provides a specific list of procedures. It is therefore important to choose the place in which treatment will best fit your condition. Also, note the climate zone in which is situated the sanatorium. To the choice was the most optimal, you can seek advice from a doctor.
Once you have determined in the sanatorium, and acquired there, you must proceed to make itself sanatorium-resort card. For this you need to contact your doctor or therapist. You can go to the local doctor in the district hospital and to visit such a specialist in any other clinic. This must be done no later than 10 days prior to the expiration of the permit.
The next step will be necessary a medical examination, which is prescribed by the attending physician or practitioner. He also gives direction on appropriate tests. Depending on the disease or the type of the sanatorium can take the conclusion, and other medical specialists.
After collecting all the necessary information - test results, electrocardiogram, chest x-rays and relevant medical specialists, you need to go back to the therapist who will make a final conclusion.
The attending physician or physician on the basis of the survey fills in sanatorium-resort card according to the form # 072/u-04, which indicates an objective state of human health and possible contraindications to treatment. With this document we can safely go to the resort and enjoy rest and treatment.