Who can get help

There are many reasons why people want to obtain permission to possess firearms for personal purposes, or the nature of its activities. But this is only possible in the presence of the medical report will eliminate the applicant mental illness and some physical disabilities. Help arms can get a person over the age of 18 in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation on the age restrictions. The document shall be considered lawful if it contains detailed information about the identity of the recipient and the issuing medical institution and all necessary signatures and seals of experts on the letterhead of the state sample.

Necessary examination

For registration certificates 046-1 need to have a passport, military ID, and license to possess firearms, if necessary, the extension of the expiration date. The applicant for a permit will require the conclusion of a psychiatrist, the psychiatrist and ophthalmologist. Each of these professionals makes the appropriate mark on the form, based on the diagnostic and Advisory activities. The physician makes a conclusion and gives final clearance of the document. Getting a gun permit is impossible in a number of mental disorders, epilepsy, drug addiction, alcoholism, serious violations of view, and in the absence of the thumb and index finger.

Where can I get a document

When making a medical certificate 046-1 it is important to know that the fraud and any violation of the rules for its completion, including the use of not designed for this form, is punishable with law enforcement agencies. Therefore, it is necessary to approach responsibly to the choice of a medical institution, which will issue the document. Typically, this issue deals with the clinic at the place of residence or medical centers that have a license to conduct examinations for issuing permits to possess firearms.

What is the expiration date of the certificate 046-1

The internal Affairs bodies for issuing license for possessing weapons, limit the validity of the document in the primary treatment of up to six months. This means that from the time of issuance of the medical report before applying for a permit shall not exceed six months. In the case of the renewal of the license (it is issued for five years), documents must be submitted three months before the expiry of the previous permit.