You will need
  • Passport, military ID, two photos 3×4.
Before the medical Board have to do two photos 3×4 and take them with you. One will be where you'll pass the exam, the second will attach to the certificate. You will also need a passport and military ID, which will be presented before the Commission. Don't forget to grab a Shoe and money. The medical Board to obtain rights always paid regardless of where you are going to do it.
The easiest way is to get the right help at the driving school. The most major of them on a particular day to invite all the right people, to all of the students were able to go through Committee in one day. The cost in this case is usually not very high, and sometimes undergo a medical examination at the driving school even cheaper than all other methods. Most often doctors come in the evening so working students can attend the medical examination after work.
Another option is a private medical center. Such institutions are many. Before undergoing medical examination in a private clinic it is necessary to clarify whether the Commission psychiatrist and the psychiatrist. If these professionals in the medical center not, you will have to make a special trip to see him in the clinic at the place of residence. In large private clinics, usually in the Commission are all professionals, so for a short time (couple of hours in the absence of a queue), you can get help. Better to call and find out the time when you go in for a checkup. Sometimes doctors in the first half of the day focused on medical examination, and in the afternoon, only patients with complaints. So a day off work to take still have, but only for the first half of the day.
You can still pass the medical examination in the clinic by place of residence. Oddly enough, in some clinics the cost of medical examination on the right is the highest as compared to that in the walls of a driving school or a private hospital, and the list of required tests and doctors very large. Examination of the psychiatrist and in this case have to take place in narcological and psychiatric dispensaries. Therefore, the medical Board at the place of residence takes a few days. In addition, often in clinics very limited time, when you can come for inspection (one or two hours a day), so be prepared for huge lines and the fact that you do not have time to visit all the doctors at one time. The clinic should apply in the two cases. First, you are really interested in their health. In the clinic you will receive the opinion of many experts, as well as test results and x-rays. Second, you have a lot of free time. If every time you have time off from work, it is unlikely that hospital - the best place for medical examination on the right.