For registration of sanitary books, you will need to pass all the necessary tests and pass the inspection by several specialists, infectious disease specialists, dermatologist, doctor, physician, psychiatrist and the psychiatrist. Woman must visit the gynecologist.
Before passing an infectious disease doctor submit to a blood test for antibodies to hepatitis B and C. Also a must-see bacteriological laboratory, where you will hand over a smear on worm eggs from the rectum. In another room of the lab you will take a swab of throat to determine the pathogenic organisms. This is because you can be a carrier of pathogenic Staphylococcus and not even know it.
The results of these tests go to the appointment with the infectious disease. After the doctor will talk with you and find out what diseases you were sick as a child, did you have the infectious disease, etc., he will go to a visual inspection of your skin and the oropharynx, to check for lice. If your health is not in doubt at this specialist, you will receive from him a permit to work.
You must pass the inspection of venereal diseases. Before visiting the doctor submit to a blood test on the complex of serological tests that detect syphilis, trichomoniasis and some other venereal infection. Need to donate blood and for the detection of antibodies to HIV. Negative tests after the visual exam, the doctor will put access to your activities.
Visit the dermatologist. He will examine your skin, if it is flat and smooth – the admission you provided. Otherwise you have to pass additional tests, which will prescribe a doctor. And their compliance with the specialist leave an entry in the health record of your fitness.
For registration of sanitary books, visit the office of the psychiatrist who will give direction to a urine test for the residual substances contained in the drugs. In case of negative result of the study and the absence of your data in the register of drug addicts the doctor signed your document.
Necessary for health books to be examined by a psychiatrist. After a conversation and some test items he is doing his medical opinion.
Women enjoy a gynecological examination and the taking of gynecological smear analysis. If the doctor finds you have a pathology, which can endanger the health of other people – you will get a permit to work.
Latest medical office you visit therapy. Before the examination of the physician be sure to follow x-ray examination of the lungs, which the doctor finds the presence or absence of tuberculosis. Pre-visit the vaccination, as you will not be allowed to work with people without diphtheria-tetanus vaccination and other vaccinations that correspond to your age. The therapist will ask you the results of urinalysis and clinical examination of the blood. If the disease is not discovered - the therapist puts the permit, you can get to work.