You will need
  • - medical certificate about state of health;
  • - patient card of the patient;
  • - extract from the medical card of the inpatient;
  • - written results of laboratory tests;
  • - the written results of diagnostic studies;
  • - the policy of obligatory medical insurance;
  • - the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation or the document replacing it.
Find out from your doctor all the details. Russian legislation guarantees every citizen the ability to obtain information about his health in an accessible form. Your doctor, of course, knows this. Feel free to ask questions. You need to understand what is going on with your body, and why the health worker thinks so. Be sure to specify: whether the inherent discovered you have the symptoms of only one diagnosis, is there a need for further examination, is it possible to continue monitoring for a more accurate diagnosis.
Don't leave until you receive complete and understandable information about your health. If, upon hearing the diagnosis, you're agitated or upset, tell your doctor. Explain that you need time to think it over, and set up a date for the next visit. Use the resulting interruption in order to once again ponder the words of the doctor and to perform their own feelings. When you re-set the conversation if you have further questions. In the end, you should definitely understand the position of the doctor and prepare their own arguments against the diagnosis.
Collect documents that describe your health condition: a written report on the conduct of the examination, treatment records, diagnostic studies, etc. to Give them to you (at your request) must in any medical facility. Make copies of all your certificates, which can be left as confirmation of your words in the higher courts.
Contact the head of the medical institution where you were given a conclusion on the existence of the disease. Explain to that person why you doubt the correctness of the diagnosis. Maybe the doctor does not have your point of view, competent or he was negligent to the diagnostic events. Show the opinions of other medical specialists, if you yourself appealed to him for help.
Write to the head of the medical institution a written statement with a request to conduct an additional examination to clarify the diagnosis. Write a document in two copies. One pass to the office. Second, you should put a mark on the admission application for consideration. When a negative decision requires the registration of the cancellation in writing.
Appeal against actions of employees of the medical institution. You need to contact your regional health Department or regional office of the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of healthcare and social development (Roszdravnadzor). If these bodies you also haven't got the desired result, use the constitutional right to justice in court. After examining all the circumstances, the court may render a decision on the appointment of an independent medical examination. According to its results, the diagnosis will either be confirmed or removed as inappropriate to the validity.