How to kiss

That kiss turned sensual and Frank that he remembered you and your girl, do not hesitate. Even if you're kissing for the first time, it does not mean that you do not know. To kiss naturally for a person, so the ability to kiss is for everyone. Yes, you feel insecure, perhaps a little shaking knees, but that's only because you really feel they. When the first kiss happens with someone who you really like, it's memorable for a lifetime pleasure.

When you kiss a girl, pay attention to how she behaves. Be gentle, but do not forget the passion that the kiss will not get too viscous. You will feel if you do something wrong, because the girl begin to pull away. The correct response, which suggests that you've done everything right: after the kiss, a little dizzy.

While kissing, do not stand like a statue. Hug the girl, Pat her on the head, hair, shoulders and back.

Do not need too nervous, much easier to relax and behave naturally. A little practice and you'll see for yourself. Stress will cause your lips will be very hard, and pleasure do not receive neither you nor your girlfriend.

Kinds of kisses

As a rule, the most common form of kiss – which alternates between the upper and lower lips. Such a kiss can often see in the movies. Another common type of kiss – French, which is already actively involved language. But not necessarily limited to them. Try to gently hold the tongue on the lips of the girl, gently bite them (very easy so it doesn't hurt), and you will see that it is not worse. Diversity is always better than one.

When to kiss a girl?

You can definitely be sure that it is ready for a kiss, if you are fairly close, look her in the eyes and she tries to step back and looks away. Some girls think kissing on a first date is unacceptable, others believe that a kiss is the most for a first date. Look at her behavior, but don't try to act if it was removed. A little waiting and you will get not only kiss, but thanks to girls.


Young people often forget about such simple thing like fresh breath. Even if you brush your teeth in the morning, this may not be enough. This point is especially important for smokers. Try not to forget about the refreshing chewing gum, it really helps kill the smell of cigarettes. You can also eat an Apple.