Getting started with a kiss

So, you've already seen that guy or girl have for you a romantic feeling and is ready for a kiss. First, look in the eyes of this man, hug and gently tap your lips to his.

Not in a hurry to get to a kiss, until you see a reciprocal positive reaction from your partner. After all, if he's not ready for this turn of events, he may have to push. To start you need to kiss gently and sensitively, then you can add to your caresses is a lot of passion and temperament.

The first kiss partner offers you with a sensual side. And gentle touch of your tongue to his lips can tell you much more than any words.

What to do with tongue while kissing passionately

With this kiss is the leading role goes to the language. You can caress the lips of the partner, and also into his mouth. However, classical French kissing is quite complete without language, it is not allowed only light bites and ingestion of your partner's lips. But the technique the French kiss involves the use of language.

If the person you're kissing, he parted your lips with my tongue could calculate it fairly experienced partner. But if after about a minute of this did not happen, you can take the initiative. For example you can lick your partner's language a quick circular motion. This is especially nice guys. Be careful not to bite the partner language.

Many erogenous zone is the inner side of the lips. Start to lick the tip of her tongue in a circle. This technique can make your partner lose control.

When you kiss passionately, you can experiment. Watch the reaction of your partner, and listen to what you intuition tells. While kissing you gently hug this man and to caress with arms back, chest, neck, face and other parts of the body. This will create intimate atmosphere and to deliver your partner a pleasant feeling.

How to breathe when kissing passionately

If you often breathe with the mouth, even the most passionate your kiss is unlikely to last more than a minute. From this habit you should get rid of.

Try to train yourself to breathe through the nose. This will allow you to prolong your kiss for a long time. And you don't have to periodically step back from your partner to grab a breath. The ability to breathe through the nose when kissing passionately will give you the opportunity to completely relax.

How to learn to kiss passionately

Technique kiss passionately important but not less important is understanding of how to properly behave in such caresses. Be natural, simple and perfect. Pobespokoytes that your kiss didn't prevent the sharp scent of the perfume or bad breath.

Relax. Let go of all unwanted thoughts and complexes that cause fear and fetter you. Try to relax with a loved one, focus on sensual kissing, giving and receiving pleasure.

Don't stand there like a statue. Move. Remember that a kiss is largely similar to game two. So change your body position, gently stroke the partner on the back, the head and neck.

Trust. Not clamped and do not lock in yourself, be open with your partner.