First you need to check the susceptibility of girls to you. Try to gently touch her hand and watch the subsequent reaction. If she pulls his hand, as from electric shock, then perhaps she is not ready to proceed. If the reaction is neutral, so a girl gets on you, you can keep trying to get closer.
If you've managed to take the girl's hand, it is not necessary to stop there. Go ahead touch it. This should be done with unobtrusive tenderness. Touch shoulders, try a easy hugged. Wait, wait reaction, you let the girl get used to it and relax. Stay cool.
Now you can touch her hair. If she doesn't mind you playing with her hair, it is very possible that she had already located to the first kiss. Not only should paternal to stroke the back of her head. Playfully stomp your curls close to your face. This easy physical contact make a girl want to kiss you.
Long look at her lips. Stop don't say anything just watch. Then slowly look the girl in the eye and ask permission to kiss her. So she did not say any phrase in addition to a clear negative answer take as consent.
After you have received permission for a kiss, not worth it greedily pounce on the girl. Otherwise you'll ruin the moment. The first touch of lips should be easy and short, stop, let the girl feel the moment.
Before going on a date definitely make sure you smell nice. Be sure to bring chewing gum or refreshing spray, you should be absolutely confident. At this crucial moment of nothing must interfere with, or repel the girl.
Do not forget to make compliments. Tell me how you liked the taste of her lips, they're so soft and pleasant. As amazing and wonderful that you met such a girl. Don't let her to doubt his actions, she needs to feel more confident.
If at the crucial moment the girl turns away from you. Stop, do not worry, just act like nothing happened. Some girls just enjoy teasing guys, they play hard to get, forcing the Cavaliers more persistently to achieve its.