How to kiss a loved one should prompt the feeling. Passionate, gentle, calm, playful, exciting, sophisticated or all together at once? You can alternate all kinds of kissing or from each to take a little bit and add something of her own. Do not hesitate and feel free to Express your feelings and show your confidence.
If you want to interest the partner, you should use the technique of "teasing" kiss. You need to start to pretend want to kiss, slowly approaching the partner. At the last moment stop. Then, in an instant, literally "dig in" lips to lips beloved and then immediately stop the kiss.
Kiss "excitation" can prepare a person for a closer and more intimate relationship. Eye partner gently cover his hands. And start passionately and gently kiss using a slow or fast pace, alternating wet kisses dry.
A variety of kiss depends on the mood of the partner. For example, if a girl is shy, she needs to relax a little gentle playful kiss. The cheerful mood of both allows you to decide on a bold kisses. Quiet, strong, tickling, tracer or kiss "passionately", tweaks - no precise rules. The main thing is your passion and feelings.