The easiest way to learn to kiss is a practice. Despite the fact that one can often hear or read about ways to learn how to kiss with foreign objects, yet none of these objects will not react to your movement as well as a living person, because the interaction – the basis of a good kiss! Therefore, it is best to learn to kiss someone who you really like.
While kissing relax your lips, don't keep them too tense and don't turn into jellyfish. Some are too tense, and their lips are very hard. In a kiss it is all about balance: the lips should not be like a jelly, but some relaxation is necessary, otherwise the partner will not be pleased. The same applies to language: it should be neither too hard nor too soft.
Remember someone kissing. Indeed, the process sometimes is so immersive and enjoyable that you can forget about everything. But if you are addicted to and do something that is not like a beloved person, or acting too aggressively, not responding to other people's desires, it'll affect all your relationships. This can happen if you are not confident. When doubts in themselves possess a man, he may not pay attention to the reaction partner, in only their experiences. Just watch the reaction of the person you're kissing, and you can forget about the uncertainty or distress.
It should be borne in mind that it is impossible to learn how to kiss, so that any person would be happy. Everyone has their own style of kissing, and despite the fact that it is possible to develop different types of activities, some people simply can not go to each other, as well as in sex.
Try to restrain the flow of saliva. Although it happens by itself and real kisses are never dry, yet too profuse salivation can be unpleasant.
Try to experiment while kissing, do not limit yourself to only the sucking of the lips or a deep understanding of the language. Treat kiss like a game, try everything that comes to mind. For example, a kiss may involve a slight lip-licking partner's tongue. The main thing – do not overdo it, it is important that whoever you kiss, like everything you do.