Kissing should occur by mutual desire, in a calm confidential environment where both partners are ready for it. Not samiria and do not strain in one position, relax, hug the girl, prove her sincere intentions. Move your hand over her hair, stroke your neck, shoulders, back, join hands, look into her eyes.
Take care of the breath. Breath instantly discourage girls desire to even come close to you. After meals to refresh your mouth with mint spray, chewing gum, you can just eat an Apple or a few sprigs of parsley, and coriander.
Tenderness will not work if you touch the girl's strained lips. This can give the lady the idea that she's obnoxious. Gentle kisses can overwhelm the lips, face, neck, hands and other body parts of your partner depending on the situation and your degree of intimacy. A gentle kiss can be addressed even to the crown of your girls.
Do not limit yourself to one type of kiss. If you kiss a girl on the lips, your tenderness will prove to French kiss (so-called "wet" kiss). Lips slightly bite, you can touch to the earlobe, just gently bristling at the cheek of your partner person – and such a move would be perceived as a gentle kiss.
To understand that you are doing everything right, and gentle kisses reached his goal, carefully monitor the reaction of your partner. If the girl moaning softly, limp in your hands, and her skin had goose bumps, you right away notice it, which means you are on the right track. Women skilled at pretending, but during the kisses they simply forget their skills and do not hide their feelings.
Finally, don't forget about the attitude. If you are not experiencing the girl gentle feelings, you are not attracted to her, probably artificially add tenderness in your kiss will not work. The girl immediately feels false, and a kiss, max, will be on duty and empty.