While kiss did not bother, not pushed and not distracted, in advance take care of fresh breath. In this case it doesn't hurt to have at their candy with menthol or pad of chewing gum. However, in fact, kiss in the mouth there should be no candy and chewing gum.
See the person's eyes, feel his desire to kiss you. If he comes closer, don't look away, not estrange ago. You will feel the moment when it is time when youstep to the kiss. If nothing happens, you just exchange glances and smiles, do not rush things. Excessive fussiness spook magical moment. Perhaps your partner just internally and not yet ready to kiss.
Relax and chill out. Drop all fears about his inexperience or excessive experience, don't try to rush things. Think about those withassociated minutes that you have yet to spend together, and that there is still thousands of kissV.
Open conversations liberate lovers. Talk about each other, tell me about your childhood, about the internal experiences, open to the partner some personal secret. It's a bond. Finally, you can just ask to kiss you right here and now. After these revelations, and so open withinvitations if your partner wants to kiss you, he will definitely make it.
The decor is also able to liberate. Select for a romantic date cinema hall, the city Park, a cozy restaurant or cafe with dimmed lighting, night streets – in short, an environment in which you are comfortable, calm and cozy. This will allow you and your partner the greatest way to relax and experience the pleasure of the kissV.
If your signals, languid looks, an eloquent smile, warm embrace, was not voswhenaccepted as consent and a signal of readiness for a kiss, take the initiative. Likely, your partner is more shy than you and not able to decide to act even after such clear promises. And that pause is not delayed, take a deep breath, close your eyes and touch lips lips.