Advice 1: Date on what you can kiss

First kiss. How much does it mean for couples? How exciting and vibrant this may be the time to date? Only what is on the account? On what date it is already possible to kiss?
first kiss on a date
Dating is made for romance. And many couples wonder about what date it is already possible to kiss. The answer is individual to each specific couple, but there are some General rules followed by many young men and women.

First date

Can you kiss on the first date? Actually, in many countries it is considered bad form among the romantic couples. On the other hand, if the date went well, the young man escorted the girl home, then why not reward it easy first kiss. No kissing, no Egyptian passions, soft touch of his lips – that's enough for a first date. Who first have to meet? Kiss – a mutual desire. The people themselves feel that it is necessary to step forward. It does not depend on one of the pair. But if you want to keep the intrigue in the relationship then you can wait for the second date and first kiss.

Women look at the issue

Girls like more romantic nature, give first date and first kiss with a specific young man of great importance. And, then, only of the girl depends on whether the first kiss by the end of the first date. Modern teenagers are not paying reverent attention such intimate things. And for good reason. At the first kiss, you can immediately see if people on an intuitive level, if you listen to yourself. If on the first date I want to keep the intrigue, we should save the kiss until the next meeting.

A male perspective on the issue

Young people are ready to kiss on any account of the date and even without it, if a girl im pretty. In addition to wait until the second few want if emotions overflow. And, of course, with a girl who is really cute and cuddly, kiss adds to these emotions. Definitely worth it to kiss on the first date, to reinforce the impression of time spent. But young people need to remember that first kiss should be light and gentle, even when overcome with serious emotions and feelings, so as not to scare the girl with his head.
Doesn't really matter what date it is already possible to kiss. It is important to have it at the right time, at the right time and in the right place. There is a rule of "five dates" when a couple is just talking and know each other better, to fifth date to move to a new stage – kissing, cuddling, and other romantic moments.

Advice 2: How to spend a first date with a girl

You saw her in the crowd. Or Vice versa – she stood to one side alone. It does not matter – what matters is that you met a girl that would like to be there. And you even found the strength to approach her, to meet you. Moreover, she agreed to meet with you. You have assigned the time and place of the meeting. And now, when good-bye is a few days, you start to think about how to impress girl on first date. Fortunately, there are many ways to the faithful.
How to spend a first date with a girl
You will need
  • Bubbles, colors, preppy clothes, kite flying, money
Remember, girls are not that finicky creatures. Of course, they are capricious, harmful and so on. But, believe me, these qualities are not on the first date. You know, that girl also (maybe even more) excited to meet you and wants to surprise you with its uniqueness.
Think over the plan of the evening. Much better to go with a girl on a first date? Movie – not the best option. Because in a movie you have to sit and watch a movie. And at the first meeting it's better to talk and get to know each other. Pick an outfit for the meeting. Do not have to wear a suit, of course. Is suitable the neat jeans and a shirt.
As it is banal, but for a first date ideal meeting at a café or simply walking around the city. Don't feel bad about not found here some fresh ideas. Because the main secret to successful Dating is in the details. The girl can not appreciate the poem in her honor on the first date, of purchase vouchers for two. Rather, she will be scared of such Grand gestures. Surprise her with little things.
Any girl – romantic nature, even if trying to hide it. She will appreciate presented at the meeting of the flowers, blowing bubbles on a Sunny warm day. Can you sing her a song in karaoke, even if you do not really know how to sing. The main thing is that you decided to do it. Launch a kite in the Park, sail on a boat in the pond. All these little things will make your first date unforgettable.
Don't forget that girls appreciate acts more than words. Even if you just bring emitted outside the site the ball playing in the Park with the kids, you will receive ten points from his companion. Most importantly, show her that you're attracted not only to her but also to the world.

Advice 3: How to fall in love with a guy on the first date

For centuries women have sought to bind the man. Win some stunning beauty and impeccable manners, others fall in love with the ability to cook, and somebody's trying at all to charm a potential suitor. Don't need to be a psychologist, to have the first date be interested in a man intelligent, thoughtful, but considerate female.
How to fall in love with a guy on the first date
Attend the first date in all its glory, bright, beautiful dress, new shoes and with a charming smile on his face. Unconsciously, the man picks a life partner which he could be proud of, to admire. To be beautiful does not mean to look like a star on the cover of gloss. You must be well-groomed, neat, clothes ironed, stockings without hands, nails manicured, hair is clean, beautifully laid and is flowing full-length. Even a modest sundress could do, if the couple to choose the elegant shawl collar and a fashionable handbag.
Like you, the man on the first date will try my best to impress you with a positive impression. He would joke, tell experiences, share their dreams and talk about everything. What would you or he reported, carefully and with genuine interest to look it, ask clarifying questions, admire his stories. When he sees in your eyes its importance, consider that half the job done. Praise and attention are always pleased to receive.
Go look into the mouth of a man is not enough. Become for him an interesting interlocutor with whom it is easy and free to chat with whom you can joke and which are not going to expect quips, sarcasm and criticism. Coldness, sarcasm, arrogance, fault-finding and leave all other situations. Let your partner from the first meeting will appreciate you as a good friend.
Don't deny the man is in the details. Have in mind that on the first date he will want to buy you dinner in the restaurant and to pay the bill, buy movie tickets or amusement Park. Let him be your defender if necessary – the stronger sex is necessary to feel invincible and omnipotent.
When the first date is coming to an end, show restraint and modesty. Allow the chosen one to drive you, escort you to the entrance or even to the door, but do not invite him home, and to him until you ask for it not to be. The maximum that you can afford – kiss. Everything else he will add in the imagination, and your way will be prescribed in his dreams.

Advice 4: How to talk to a guy on the first date

First date is an incredibly responsible and important event. Further development of a relationship with a man will depend on how you will lead. After all, the first impression quite difficult to fix. Some girls are often nervous and don't know what to say.
How to talk to a guy on the first date
Gather your thoughts and relax. On the eve of the date and scroll to the head of the most common topics that can carry on a casual conversation. This will help you avoid awkward silences, and you will easily be able to steer the conversation in the right direction. Do not overdo it, trying to make the man the impression and appear better than you really are. Also, do not need to lead the conversation. Your talk should be a pleasant dialogue, not your monologue to any of the revelations. But to sit like a fool and nod after every sentence your partner is also not necessary.
In any case do not agree on a date, if you have any problems, much less discuss them with new friends and don't ask him for advice. He doesn't need your problems. And if a man will listen to you and then only out of politeness.
Don't talk to a man on the first date, sickness, money, your and his sex life, past men and relationships with them, etc.
Try to listen more than to speak. And do so very carefully, paying attention to any detail, the spokesman said.
Don't try for one evening to talk about yourself too much: where you live, with whom, where you work, where you learn, etc. You should be interested in the man, and if you is fully revealed, he will quickly lose interest in you. Better try to find common topics and Hobbies. People who share the same interests, Hobbies, are attracted to each other.
When you talk about yourself, not to remember the unpleasant moments of life. Better tell a few funny situations that happened to you. Men appreciate a good sense of humor. I can tell you about their successes and achievements, but without pathos. Remember, whatever you said, try to be positive.
Coming home after a date, remember that the entire conversation with the man. This will not only help to create an overall picture of the person with whom you met, but also to note their mistakes. And even if you do not meet, it will be for you an invaluable experience.
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