Dating is made for romance. And many couples wonder about what date it is already possible to kiss. The answer is individual to each specific couple, but there are some General rules followed by many young men and women.

First date

Can you kiss on the first date? Actually, in many countries it is considered bad form among the romantic couples. On the other hand, if the date went well, the young man escorted the girl home, then why not reward it easy first kiss. No kissing, no Egyptian passions, soft touch of his lips – that's enough for a first date. Who first have to meet? Kiss – a mutual desire. The people themselves feel that it is necessary to step forward. It does not depend on one of the pair. But if you want to keep the intrigue in the relationship then you can wait for the second date and first kiss.

Women look at the issue

Girls like more romantic nature, give first date and first kiss with a specific young man of great importance. And, then, only of the girl depends on whether the first kiss by the end of the first date. Modern teenagers are not paying reverent attention such intimate things. And for good reason. At the first kiss, you can immediately see if people on an intuitive level, if you listen to yourself. If on the first date I want to keep the intrigue, we should save the kiss until the next meeting.

A male perspective on the issue

Young people are ready to kiss on any account of the date and even without it, if a girl im pretty. In addition to wait until the second few want if emotions overflow. And, of course, with a girl who is really cute and cuddly, kiss adds to these emotions. Definitely worth it to kiss on the first date, to reinforce the impression of time spent. But young people need to remember that first kiss should be light and gentle, even when overcome with serious emotions and feelings, so as not to scare the girl with his head.
Doesn't really matter what date it is already possible to kiss. It is important to have it at the right time, at the right time and in the right place. There is a rule of "five dates" when a couple is just talking and know each other better, to fifth date to move to a new stage – kissing, cuddling, and other romantic moments.