How to prepare for a kiss with tongue

To properly kiss for the first time with the language in the first place cast away all your doubts and fears, be confident, try to tune in a romantic mood, try to feel your partner.

To kiss passionately be sure to take care of fresh breath. Do not eat foods that may cause odor (onion, garlic, smoked fish). If you decide to freshen breath chewing gum before a kiss with tongue don't forget to get rid of it.

If you are a novice in the matter of how to kiss passionately, remember that in addition to bad breath should also avoid the use of a large number of spirits and sticky, bright and bold lipstick.

Sometimes it is difficult to understand whether the partner wants to kiss passionately. If hints like looking into the eyes of close embrace, licking the lips does not help, you can suggest to do it in a slightly joking manner. Fit phrases like "you have these lips that want to kiss", "what if I kiss you", etc. of Course will all depend on the situation.

If your a guy or a girl has had the experience of kissing, then you will be able to learn how to kiss with tongue. Cover your eyes, surrender your senses and start kiss with a soft touch of lips boy or girl. Then slightly open lips, and shove the tip of the tongue in the mouth. Follow your loved one if he has more experience.

How to kiss passionately

Before you begin to kiss with tongue, look partner in the eye, slowly approaching his face. Don't look at the lips. As you approach cover your eyelids, and during the French kiss, keep your eyes closed, try to feel how the tenderness spreads throughout the body and transferred your boyfriend or girlfriend.

While kissing with tongue don't try to hold the breath, breathe at your own pace.

Many do not realize how to correctly position your head while kissing passionately, not to disturb the nose. For the convenience of you and your girl or guy tilt your head slightly in the direction opposite the tilt of the head partner.

When you kiss, your lips must touch and move as if you grasping lips ice cream. At the same time your mouth and mouth girl or guy should be placed not directly, but in the opposite directions. Lips should find each other so that the upper lip of one of the kissing was located between the two lips of the other. Sometimes you can change the position of the head and lips.

Kissing passionately right, don't tense your lips and tongue, otherwise the kiss will be tender.

While kissing with tongue don't get it too deep in your mouth boy, or girl, otherwise it may cause discomfort to your partner.

Vary the depth of penetration and the speed kiss passionately, depending on how responds to caress your partner.

With the right French kissing lovers have to hug each other. If you are a guy, you can hug your partner by the waist and stroking her back and waist. If you are a girl, then the optimum positioning of the hands on the neck and shoulders of the partner. You can also stroke the chest of her young man.

Ending the kiss, make your movements more slow and soft, begin to kiss your partner without using language, making touch briefly, as if dotting.

The first kiss would be wrong to move on to more intimate caresses, after it must remain a mystery. In order to solve this mystery, you will want to kiss with tongue again and again.

And most importantly, to correctly kiss passionately with the language, more practice, because as we know, only with practice you can achieve perfection.

How to kiss for the first time with tongue passionately

To correctly kiss passionately for the first time, arrange a romantic evening by candlelight or under the moon. Your first kiss should be memorable.

Right to kiss with tongue you can learn with someone you have tender feelings. Only loved the first experience will be wonderful and will give you maximum pleasure.

Don't try to learn how to kiss with tongue passionately for the first time with a guy or girl for fun. Kiss with your sweetheart and "training" the attempt will be to distinguish the fact that neither you nor your partner will not feel each other feelings of love, and therefore will not make the process so much tenderness and affection as it is when lovers kiss.