Advice 1: How to kiss with tongue passionately

During the French kiss the guy and the girl feel pleasant sensations, which are impossible to obtain with conventional touch-lips cheeks or lips. Kissing with tongue is a manifestation of strong feelings, but because those who are planning to do it the first time, you want to know how to kiss passionately.
How to kiss with tongue passionately

How to prepare for a kiss with tongue

To properly kiss for the first time with the language in the first place cast away all your doubts and fears, be confident, try to tune in a romantic mood, try to feel your partner.

To kiss passionately be sure to take care of fresh breath. Do not eat foods that may cause odor (onion, garlic, smoked fish). If you decide to freshen breath chewing gum before a kiss with tongue don't forget to get rid of it.

If you are a novice in the matter of how to kiss passionately, remember that in addition to bad breath should also avoid the use of a large number of spirits and sticky, bright and bold lipstick.

Sometimes it is difficult to understand whether the partner wants to kiss passionately. If hints like looking into the eyes of close embrace, licking the lips does not help, you can suggest to do it in a slightly joking manner. Fit phrases like "you have these lips that want to kiss", "what if I kiss you", etc. of Course will all depend on the situation.

If your a guy or a girl has had the experience of kissing, then you will be able to learn how to kiss with tongue. Cover your eyes, surrender your senses and start kiss with a soft touch of lips boy or girl. Then slightly open lips, and shove the tip of the tongue in the mouth. Follow your loved one if he has more experience.

How to kiss passionately

Before you begin to kiss with tongue, look partner in the eye, slowly approaching his face. Don't look at the lips. As you approach cover your eyelids, and during the French kiss, keep your eyes closed, try to feel how the tenderness spreads throughout the body and transferred your boyfriend or girlfriend.

While kissing with tongue don't try to hold the breath, breathe at your own pace.

Many do not realize how to correctly position your head while kissing passionately, not to disturb the nose. For the convenience of you and your girl or guy tilt your head slightly in the direction opposite the tilt of the head partner.

When you kiss, your lips must touch and move as if you grasping lips ice cream. At the same time your mouth and mouth girl or guy should be placed not directly, but in the opposite directions. Lips should find each other so that the upper lip of one of the kissing was located between the two lips of the other. Sometimes you can change the position of the head and lips.

Kissing passionately right, don't tense your lips and tongue, otherwise the kiss will be tender.

While kissing with tongue don't get it too deep in your mouth boy, or girl, otherwise it may cause discomfort to your partner.

Vary the depth of penetration and the speed kiss passionately, depending on how responds to caress your partner.

With the right French kissing lovers have to hug each other. If you are a guy, you can hug your partner by the waist and stroking her back and waist. If you are a girl, then the optimum positioning of the hands on the neck and shoulders of the partner. You can also stroke the chest of her young man.

Ending the kiss, make your movements more slow and soft, begin to kiss your partner without using language, making touch briefly, as if dotting.

The first kiss would be wrong to move on to more intimate caresses, after it must remain a mystery. In order to solve this mystery, you will want to kiss with tongue again and again.

And most importantly, to correctly kiss passionately with the language, more practice, because as we know, only with practice you can achieve perfection.

How to kiss for the first time with tongue passionately

To correctly kiss passionately for the first time, arrange a romantic evening by candlelight or under the moon. Your first kiss should be memorable.

Right to kiss with tongue you can learn with someone you have tender feelings. Only loved the first experience will be wonderful and will give you maximum pleasure.

Don't try to learn how to kiss with tongue passionately for the first time with a guy or girl for fun. Kiss with your sweetheart and "training" the attempt will be to distinguish the fact that neither you nor your partner will not feel each other feelings of love, and therefore will not make the process so much tenderness and affection as it is when lovers kiss.

Advice 2 : How to learn to kiss

You've been waiting for this moment, so often do not sleep at night, imagining how your lips touch in a first kiss, and when it happens, all is not so rosy as described in the books. It depends on many factors, including how well you know how to kiss.
How to learn to kiss
You will need
  • guy;
  • girl;
  • attraction.
Some suggest to learn to kiss on the tomatoes. But I will tell you it is sweet you are touching your partner. First of all, try to relax, imagine a loved one and kiss. To find out how you, or other nice touch, by touching the lips or tongue to my wrist during workouts.
Those who wish to learn to kiss, you should know that there are several types of kisses. They vary in depth and intensity. Friends kiss, caressing, exciting and passionate
Caressing – kissing, lip-when one partner caresses the lip of the other. Mutual caress and kiss have lips alternately, connecting a light touch of the tongue to the lips.
Exciting – a deeper, circular motions to caress languages each other, suck them and so on.
Passionate kisses need not be described – it just happens.
It is very important to have clean teeth, fresh breath, if you are going on a date. Habit to brush your teeth after a meal, use chewing gum, refreshment candy, which, by the way, can you give your kisses a spicy flavor. Care for the oral cavity includes not only the teeth, but the surfaces of the gums, cheeks and especially language. To the morning your breath was fresh, a good evening to brush your teeth and mouth.
Noses when kissing will not interfere, if the head a little inclining to the side. Learning how to kiss, you will totally forget about this little inconvenience.
To your kiss did not cause the girl discomfort due to excess office you have of saliva at the time of contact, drink a few mouthfuls of cold water.
The kiss is important not only technique, but also sincerity. If you don't want to actually kiss, it is better not to do it through force. Partner may offend your formal attitude. Remember the sensuality and tenderness, as how to learn to kiss if to show to the partner the coldness, unkindness, or indifference? That's right, nothing.
The first kiss should be deep and passionate, it can alienate and scare partner. Kiss should be gentle, shallow, slow your partner should have the feeling that you are happy and are also enjoying the kiss.
The environment in which you kiss, is also important. Whether it's the cubicle of a public toilet or romantically furnished living room.Think what the atmosphere will be pleased to be your partner.
Touch the partner, stroking, neck, ear, shoulders, back.
Add variety to the kiss. Touch noses lightly, passivate tongue and lips when kissing.
Speak softly compliments in your ear.
Deep kisses with tongue are more exciting, give you more bright sensations, but also require at least a minimum of equipment.

Advice 3 : How to kiss with tongue

Today, more and more young people are interested in knowing how to kiss with tongue and give your second half an unforgettable experience. Full of passion and romantic feelings, kissing with tongue could bring together two people and become a starting point in their long relationship. To prepare for this moment better.
How to kiss with tongue
To understand how to kiss with tongue, you need as much as possible to imagine this moment, to feel before you give it to your beloved one. Go to the mirror and focus your eyes on your lips. Loosen them and try moving in different directions, make a few circular motions. As a rule, the majority of people notice that their lips are all moving too unnatural and hard. You need to train to uncover them and pull so that your kiss seemed as natural.
Use a proven method of training executing proper kiss with tongue. Wash with soap your right hand, let it dry, then press your thumb and forefinger to slightly bend all the fingers. Imagine that the narrow space between the thumb and the index finger is the lips of your second half. Slightly rising above the middle finger – language. Now you can sit alone, to train in the technique of the kiss. No need to hesitate to do this, a considerable number of good kissing people started their experience with such training.
Remember, how to kiss with tongue with your girl (or guy). In the initial phase of a kiss, start slowly bring your face to face your partner. To make the moment special passion, slide the tip of the tongue contour of the lips of the partner or partner. Then lightly squeeze it with his lips or the lower lip. As soon as the mouth of your second half to open slightly, start slowly moving the contour of the lips upwards. Hold on the upper lip, and then again descend to the bottom.
The tip of your tongue find the tip of the tongue of your second half, lightly play with it. Slide the tip of alternately the lower and the upper part of the language of your partner or partner. You can then act at your discretion, improvising and watching the reaction of the person you are giving a kiss with tongue.
No wonder during sensual kiss, both partners close their eyes. It helps to better feel the moment, to relax and to act intuitively, not thinking once again about how to kiss with tongue and what he thinks about you and your partner.
Remember that it is important not only to learn how to kiss, but to understand how to get your girlfriend maximum pleasure. If you give your kiss with all sincerity, not only in order to show off your masterful skills, he is sure to be successful. After the kiss don't forget to tell your girl or guy something sweet and tender, looking in his eyes.

Advice 4 : How to kiss passionately

Kissing in the hand, cheek, neck - what are they and how much fun it brings... But the most vivid and memorable kisses in lips. Such affection can be delicate, timid, and vsepoglosheaiushii and passionate.
How to kiss passionately
Of a passionate kiss can go on for hours. The feeling that it is possible to get unforgettable and indescribable in words: it is the prevailing opinion of fans of these caresses. Different people like certain movements of the tongue, lips, also they may have their own preferred pace and technique.

However, not everyone already had the opportunity to experience a passionate kiss. How to create the right atmosphere for this kind of affection, leaving only pleasant emotions?

How to get the most enjoyment from a passionate kiss

Properly prepared atmosphere gives more confidence and increases the chances of getting unforgettable impressions. Before you passionately kiss your partner, it is necessary at this point to prepare.

What do you need for a passionate kiss? It makes sense to focus on the preferences of your partner. If you are dealing with the romantic, the ideal option would be the appropriate atmosphere: the sunset on the shore of a sea or river; the dim lights in your cozy nest, dinner with candles and nice romantic music or romance.

It is advisable to choose a not too crowded place, so as not to distract and to confuse outsiders. If your partner is not as gentle and sensitive nature, but on the contrary – bright and expressive, great work, the surprising moments and the element of surprise. For example, talking to each other about something abstract, for a long time not averting her gaze and suddenly kiss him. To be sure, is unforeseen to them the expression of feelings will not remain unanswered.

A little about the technology a passionate kiss

Kissing can be different, but how to do it passionately, to the body running the coveted goosebumps and chilled him to shiver and dizziness? You can start to caress her partner's wrists, cheeks, shoulders, back, and can immediately begin to take decisive action. Here you can come out of the situation, and your desire and mood.

Perfectly partner will prepare a preliminary gentle kisses on the cheek, then the neck. A great sign will be tortured breathing of your loved one, then you can confidently begin to caress the lips.

The first kiss, try to determine what kind of touch they like best: aggressive, affectionate, without language, with its deep penetration or a slight slip of the tongue over his lips.

Don't be afraid to experiment - for example, biting your lip or tongue to touch the teeth of the partner. Passionate barely audible postanyvaniya in the ear also increases the desire of your partner.

Advice 5 : How to learn the art of kissing

Kiss is one of my favorite intimate caresses the representatives of many Nations. Sometimes a kiss also expresses attention or compliments, but in this case it is expressed with one light touch of the lips. The kiss of lovers is truly an art that is best learned with a partner.
How to learn the art of kissing
The easiest way to learn to kiss is a practice. Despite the fact that one can often hear or read about ways to learn how to kiss with foreign objects, yet none of these objects will not react to your movement as well as a living person, because the interaction – the basis of a good kiss! Therefore, it is best to learn to kiss someone who you really like.
While kissing relax your lips, don't keep them too tense and don't turn into jellyfish. Some are too tense, and their lips are very hard. In a kiss it is all about balance: the lips should not be like a jelly, but some relaxation is necessary, otherwise the partner will not be pleased. The same applies to language: it should be neither too hard nor too soft.
Remember someone kissing. Indeed, the process sometimes is so immersive and enjoyable that you can forget about everything. But if you are addicted to and do something that is not like a beloved person, or acting too aggressively, not responding to other people's desires, it'll affect all your relationships. This can happen if you are not confident. When doubts in themselves possess a man, he may not pay attention to the reaction partner, in only their experiences. Just watch the reaction of the person you're kissing, and you can forget about the uncertainty or distress.
It should be borne in mind that it is impossible to learn how to kiss, so that any person would be happy. Everyone has their own style of kissing, and despite the fact that it is possible to develop different types of activities, some people simply can not go to each other, as well as in sex.
Try to restrain the flow of saliva. Although it happens by itself and real kisses are never dry, yet too profuse salivation can be unpleasant.
Try to experiment while kissing, do not limit yourself to only the sucking of the lips or a deep understanding of the language. Treat kiss like a game, try everything that comes to mind. For example, a kiss may involve a slight lip-licking partner's tongue. The main thing – do not overdo it, it is important that whoever you kiss, like everything you do.
Useful advice
How to understand, how well do you kiss? Just watch the reaction partner. Hardly anyone will say out loud to another person that one great kiss. But understand this is always possible by Lee closes the reflex partner's eyes, whether relaxes, stretches the face towards you. People rarely pretend to be during the kisses, although I can do it at any other time.

Despite the fact that usually the initiative in the kiss shows the man can do a girl. If the partner pulls away and does not show the initiative in a kiss in response, then something is wrong.

Advice 6 : Rules of the first kiss

Largely from a kiss on the first date depends the fate of future relations. So it's wise to think about everything... But that in the first place to pay attention to?
Rules of the first kiss

Of course, the kiss it is important to ensure fresh breath. It is quite suitable for a peppermint candy. It is possible to prepare in advance and use before date. Also to freshen breath suitable carrots or herbs like celery and parsley.

Preferably before a date to brush my teeth with toothpaste with propolis. Lipstick should be avoided because it causes some inconvenience. Instead of decorative fondant is fine colourless. To improve the appearance of the lips, it is recommended to make a honey mask. Lips to improve their appearance, it is sometimes necessary to massage. This can be done by hand. Thereafter, they apply honey.

Another issue related to kisses – plentiful allocation of a saliva. But it is important to note that the saliva on an empty stomach, and the less you need to eat more often. Kissing, preferably shortly after a meal.

We can distinguish several types of kisses. A regular kiss is when the lips touch only slightly soundlessly. In the strong kiss and the pressure of the lips stronger. Kiss of the pinch type is when the lips of the partners capture a bit of the skin fold. The kisses easier to find each other's erogenous zones. Kiss passionately more intense. It skin stress sucks, and for some time it suck. There is playful kiss, when a partner bites her lips a little partner.

There are many other types of kisses. And each couple can find something most suitable.

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