Don't force a girl to kiss if she is still not ready. Attempt to quickly force things could push her away. She may think that you treat her too lightly, and you want only sex for one night. It's going to hurt her - your date will be the last. Better watch out for its behavior. The girl shakes her foot and flexing the Shoe and occasionally licks his lips? So you're on the right track and she's ready to move on to more intimate relationships. But if she crossed his arms or put one leg on the other, it is better to wait until with a kiss.
Select the right moment. The first kiss should be gentle and memorable. Girls great lovers of romance, and an unusual first kiss they will remember for a long time. In addition, the eccentricity will add you points in her eyes. Invite her to celebrate the sunset. Put your arms around her waist and gently kiss my neck. It will surprise her, the first kiss usually happens on the lips, but neck is much more responsive erogenous zone. The first kiss can also be used as a completion date is wishes good night.
The right kiss is a kiss in which the leadership belongs to the man. Yeah, kiss should be unobtrusive, but you have to show their "leading" role in the relationship. If a girl will kiss you passionately too, a little step back from it for a second. Let her be attracted to you, and then you give her a hot and long kiss. This behavior incensed her more.
Add a kiss of intimacy. Stroking her fingers, hug, or run his hand in his hair. Such physical contact will create in her a sense of comfort, to associate it with you. However, if she withdrew his hand or instinctively stepped back, not rush things.