Take your time to kiss a girl on the first date. Usually people have different opinions about when to do it, but it is believed that at the first meeting, the pair still not too familiar with each other to become closer. Better suited for this second date. If you'll hold this moment and on, the girl may think that you do not like.
Try to kiss the girl good-bye. This is one of the most suitable moments, so it's possible that your companion will be waiting for this step. Thanking the girl for a wonderful evening together, enthralled once again by her beauty, problemite and try to kiss. If you really made an impression on your sweetheart, she will reciprocate.
Consider other opportunities for a first kiss. It depends on where will you go for your date. For example, kiss a girl during a climactic scene of a romantic film in a joint trip to the cinema. Try to do it after a pleasant conversation at a table in a restaurant or in a scenic spot during a walk.
Watch the reaction of the girl to your actions. If she looks at you with admiration and great interest, nervously biting his lips, turning his eyes on yours, tugging on your ear, etc., chances are you much like her, and she was quite ripe for a kiss.
Make sure that the first kiss will be no distractions. Better that there were strangers or transport. Be sure to look into the eyes of girls before you go to kiss her, and it would be better if you tell her a few nice words. Express your sympathy and tell us what do you like about your companion. It will be very nice and she will take a kiss for granted.