Preparing for the first kiss

It is very important to be mentally prepared for the kiss and not fear it. A sensitive girl certainly will notice that the guy is nervous, acts too shy or, conversely, trying to hide the shyness with rudeness and aggression. These emotions will be transferred to her, so hardly any of you will enjoy. To the girl enjoyed the kiss, be confident, and don't worry too much. But remember that easy excitement and awe at this moment entirely appropriate – they only show your feelings and will be an additional proof that you are not indifferent to the girl.

Choose the right time and place. If someone hurts your first kiss, it can leave a bad feeling in my heart for both. Noisy parties, clubs, crowded places are not too suitable options. It would be better if you find yourself alone or at least not be near those who can hinder you. For example, you can kiss the first time during a romantic walk in the Park.

Make sure the girl ready for a kiss. This is one of the most difficult moments. If it is not removed when you take her hand, or prinimaete, allows to touch him, looks you in the eye and sometimes glances at your lips, there is a large double, the probability that a kiss would react favorably.

Especially the first kiss

The technique of a kiss, and ways to achieve it, depend on the nature of man. However, if you are nervous before the first kiss with a girl and not know how to act, use a simple algorithm. Try to get closer to her so your faces were close. If she doesn't recoil and don't turn, go ahead – slowly and gently touch her lips, softly kiss several times. If the girl likes it, she will support you, and the kiss becomes more passionate.

In any case, don't force a girl to kiss if it clearly demonstrates that he does not want to do that. It might not mean a final rejection and in the future you will be able to try again with great success. If you will act rude, then about a harmonious relationship, most likely, speech will be gone.

If the right moment for a first kiss I haven't had, try to do it spontaneously. For example, after seeing a girl home and saying goodbye to her, put his hand to her cheek and quick kiss on the lips. The girl will certainly remember this exciting time, and subsequently again will be much easier.