To understand how to kiss with tongue, you need as much as possible to imagine this moment, to feel before you give it to your beloved one. Go to the mirror and focus your eyes on your lips. Loosen them and try moving in different directions, make a few circular motions. As a rule, the majority of people notice that their lips are all moving too unnatural and hard. You need to train to uncover them and pull so that your kiss seemed as natural.
Use a proven method of training executing proper kiss with tongue. Wash with soap your right hand, let it dry, then press your thumb and forefinger to slightly bend all the fingers. Imagine that the narrow space between the thumb and the index finger is the lips of your second half. Slightly rising above the middle finger – language. Now you can sit alone, to train in the technique of the kiss. No need to hesitate to do this, a considerable number of good kissing people started their experience with such training.
Remember, how to kiss with tongue with your girl (or guy). In the initial phase of a kiss, start slowly bring your face to face your partner. To make the moment special passion, slide the tip of the tongue contour of the lips of the partner or partner. Then lightly squeeze it with his lips or the lower lip. As soon as the mouth of your second half to open slightly, start slowly moving the contour of the lips upwards. Hold on the upper lip, and then again descend to the bottom.
The tip of your tongue find the tip of the tongue of your second half, lightly play with it. Slide the tip of alternately the lower and the upper part of the language of your partner or partner. You can then act at your discretion, improvising and watching the reaction of the person you are giving a kiss with tongue.
No wonder during sensual kiss, both partners close their eyes. It helps to better feel the moment, to relax and to act intuitively, not thinking once again about how to kiss with tongue and what he thinks about you and your partner.
Remember that it is important not only to learn how to kiss, but to understand how to get your girlfriend maximum pleasure. If you give your kiss with all sincerity, not only in order to show off your masterful skills, he is sure to be successful. After the kiss don't forget to tell your girl or guy something sweet and tender, looking in his eyes.