A little "French" theory about kissing

Gérard leleu, a French researcher in the field of sex, divided all the kisses for a few types. Calm sincere kiss means silent light and gentle touch of the lips. A strong passionate kiss – same, but with a lot of pressure. "Plucked" kiss – a neat gripping lips of the skin of the partner is considered to be the most "useful" in search of the erogenous zones of the partner. Kiss passionately – intense, wet, tongue. Tickling kisses excite the erogenous zones - the lips and tongue as if painted on the skin line.


What should always be remembered

The most important thing when kissing is not to be shy, though at times difficult to control yourself. However, even if your first kiss, fear and shyness says only that you are excited and in love, your partner will feel it and will help you relax – and do not necessarily need to know how to kiss. The situation for a first kiss it is best to create a romantic, turn off the lights in the room or choose the place for a kiss somewhere on the street.


Don't forget about the breath – bad breath can ruin your first kiss. Better to plan well in advance and brush your teeth, but if this is not possible, chewing gum or peppermint candy is fine. If they are not at hand, drink something refreshing or eat an Apple. Of course, it is better not to eat any food with strong smell (like onions and garlic, of course, too), because it is difficult to get rid of for hours. Saliva also can spoil everything. Try to follow this. Lips should be moist, but not dry. If you have chapped lips, take care of this in advance – it is better to use a special nourishing balms or chapstick.


While kissing, try to relax stiff tense lips can alienate the partner, or it may seem that you are not comfortable. It is not necessary to freeze in one spot, stroke the partner's hair, the back or the shoulders, hug him. Take your time, but do not delay. Try different kinds of kisses. Men often prefer the "French" language, and they were kissing passionately.


How to prepare for the first kiss

Another question that often worries – if your partner to kiss. This doubt is not worth it - if you are comfortable together in a new romantic level, chances are your partner is already growing impatient. Typically, the first step makes the man, so be careful. A girl can make you understand that it is ready – it is important not to miss these signs. If you felt the positive vibes, time to act. To defuse the situation, try to start to take your partner by the hand – it does not violate boundaries, but at the same time helps to overcome shyness. Later you can kiss your partner on the cheek and after the move to kiss on the lips, if he had himself not felt the desire to kiss.


Introducing their first kiss, scroll the script as many times in the head. In reality, all the same, everything will be different, but your imagination will help you mentally get ready and less ashamed. If you think that you don't know how to kiss, let's see how people kiss – find photo, pictures, video. So, first prepare for the kiss, considering all previous recommendations and then try to overcome a psychological barrier with your partner. Touch your lips on the tip of the tongue to the lips of the partner – so he will understand that you propose a French kiss. This kiss will be used and the tongue and the teeth and gums, and lips. The duration of the kiss may be very different, but better not screw too long – not everybody likes it. It is better to stop early – if your partner wants to continue, he will give you to understand and will determine the duration of the kiss.


While kissing is very important to observe the actions and reactions of his partner – he can give you to understand how to kiss. Positive emotions as well as negative, are always visible. Don't be afraid to experiment, because only practice and trial and error will help you find your perfect technique kiss. If the first time something went wrong, next time will be much better. This involves you and your partner – what you don't know how to kiss, doesn't mean anything. Experiment with pressure, speed, let your partner decide what he or she likes. Passion kiss is not determined by technique, and your emotions.


Errors that can be avoided

The biggest mistake in kissing is selfishness. Never kiss for yourself, because you are not the only party in this action. Think about your partner, about his feelings and desires. His behavior will tell you a lot, given this, you will be able to find a compromise. Try different types of kisses with tongue or without, tender and passionate. Consider also the psychological aspects that will help you to answer the question, how to kiss. For example, the deep penetration of the tongue during the first kiss can alienate the partner , while the delicate and elusive kisses the opposite attract. Kissing in public too will not please everyone, after all, surrounded by people hard to create an intimate setting.


The low growth of your partner or braces on teeth is not a problem. In practice it is on the shoulder – it is important to try and practice and you will be able to draw kisses. And finally. Kiss on the lips is only a small part of all possible variations of it. No need to dwell, explore erogenous zones of your partner. Also don't worry if your partner is the same sex, like kissing of girls are more romantic exciting.