Stomach ulcer and pain above the navel. Is there a connection?

When the pain in the navel area be sure to go to the doctor for a checkup, pass all the necessary tests. And if necessary, surgery.

Common cause of pain in region of navel, stomach ulcer. This disease is manifested by several symptoms, the most characteristic of which is a strong spasmodic pain in the upper abdomen, above the navel. The pain may occur in 30-40 minutes after meals and on an empty stomach (especially at night or in the morning immediately after waking up). In this case, doctors call it a "hunger pain."

The pain is often localized not only in the region above the navel, it may be in the chest, back, even legs. Other symptoms of stomach ulcer frequent heartburn, vomiting (which brings relief), increased appetite, fatigue, irritability. Nausea and fever stomach ulcer, as a rule, does not happen!

Why may encounter spasmodic pain above the navel

Such pain can be caused by various diseases of the stomach, intestines, pancreas, gallbladder, liver, bladder. In women, these pains can also arise due to gynaecological problems (e.g. inflammation of the ovaries) and menstruation.

Spasmodic pain in the upper abdomen is sometimes a symptom of appendicitis, which complicates the diagnosis of this disease, because the Appendix is in the lower part of the abdomen! Also, this pain can indicate food poisoning, gastro-intestinal spasm. Spasmodic pain above belly button can cause pleurisy (inflammation of the outer lung membranes). In the medical literature describes cases where such pain was caused by renal colic.

As you can see, the causes of spasmodic pain in the region above the navel a lot. The correct diagnosis and prescribe treatment can only be a doctor, so as soon as possible to seek medical consultation, blood test, undergo the necessary tests (x-ray, endoscopy, ultrasound, etc.). The delay in this case is very dangerous, because you may need emergency surgery. To self-medicate in any case it is impossible! For example, if you start to warm the belly in the Appendix, it can burst, begin peritonitis, which can lead to a fatal outcome.