What kinds of diseases can cause pain in the left upper quadrant

Often the cause of pain in the rib area is a gastritis, that is inflammation of the stomach lining. If the pain is very strong and often vomiting (after which there is noticeable improvement in health), the likely cause is stomach ulcer.

Severe pain also occur in pancreatitis, i.e. inflammation of the pancreas. Especially dangerous acute pancreatitis that requires immediate medical attention because permanent damage to this vital organ. The fact that in pancreatitis, the enzymes produced by the pancreas, do not go into the duodenum, and remain in the gland, beginning to destroy it.

In diseases of the spleen, for example, inflammation also lead to pain. Very dangerous injuries of the spleen, especially its rupture, which can happen as a result of a strong blow. The man in this case is very strong abdominal pain. The skin in the navel area is blue (due to stagnation of the spilled blood), the person may take on a greenish hue. In this case, need immediate surgery, otherwise the case may go to death.

Pain in left hypochondrium can be caused by diseases of the genitourinary system. For example, if the pain is severe, radiating to other areas of the abdomen and in the groin, we can talk about the attack of renal colic. If the pain is accompanied by frequent urination, the cause can be an inflammatory process in the bladder, affecting the left ureter. Women, as already mentioned, pain in the abdomen can cause inflammation in the left appendages of a uterus and some other gynecological problems.

What doctors should be consulted when pain in left upper quadrant

Be sure to be examined by a gastroenterologist. It can give direction to the ultrasound of the pancreas and spleen, as well as to carry out the gastroscopy of the stomach and duodenum. It is quite an unpleasant procedure, but it should not be discarded, because it helps make the diagnosis and determine the tumor of the stomach in its early stage when it can be successfully treated. You should also contact the surgeon and nephrologist (specialist in kidney disease). Women need also consult a gynecologist. This expert can diagnose you, prescribe the necessary treatment.