Advice 1: Why stomach pain on the left

Pain in the abdomen can be a symptom of various diseases. Some of them do not pose a threat to life, others require immediate surgical intervention. An accurate diagnosis can only physician, but it is important to know the symptoms which need immediately to address to it.
Why stomach pain on the left

Abdominal pain is not an independent disease. It is only a symptom of certain problems in the body. It can be sharp and blunt. This feature along with localization of pain is of great diagnostic value.

Pain in the upper left segment of the abdomen may indicate problems with the spleen. Unpleasant sensations arise when, for one reason or another organ is increased in size. This happens most often due to infectious diseases, such as mononucleosis or typhoid fever. Sharp unbearable pain in this area, with the subsequent bluish discoloration of the abdomen indicates a ruptured spleen. This can occur because of distension of the capsule of the organ and because of the injury. This condition is life threatening and therefore requires immediate medical attention.

The cause of pain in the left upper quadrant of the abdomen can be inflammation of the pancreas. In this case, a sharp pain radiates to the back and accompanied by nausea and even vomiting.

Pain on the left side in the upper abdomen can be caused by gastritis or gastric ulcer. In this case, the pain may be accompanied by heartburn, belching and other unpleasant sensations.

Pain left abdomen often indicates inflammatory bowel disease. In this case, you may experience the following unpleasant symptoms: diarrhea, flatulence, bloating and others. If the cause of pain is diverticulitis, will appear nausea with vomiting and high fever.

Causes of abdominal pain on the left can be unilateral pyelonephritis, and urolithiasis. In this case, the acute pain is often accompanied by increased urination.

The reason for abdominal pain may be gynecological diseases, e.g. ovarian cyst, inflammation of the appendages, and even ectopic pregnancy. Timely medical assistance will help not only to preserve the reproductive function, but also will save lives.

Advice 2 : That means pulling and stabbing pain left of navel

In the lower left abdomen contains the following organs: sigmoid colon (part of large intestine), the left ureter connects the kidney to the bladder. In women also there are left of the uterus. So if there is pain in the lower part of the peritoneum to the left of the navel, the reason may be to defeat one of these bodies. What the example shows pulling and stabbing pain in this area?
That means pulling and stabbing pain left of navel

What diseases can cause pulling and stabbing pain

The cause of pain on the left of the navel may be renal colic. Her attack, usually accompanied by very severe pain. And they often are not localized in the region of one kidney, and "give" in other areas of the abdomen. If colic in the left kidney, severe pain may be felt in the whole lower left abdomen, down to groin. It is like pulling, bursting, and pricking. In any case, with a strong bout of colic pain is so intense that a person literally finds no place. He can't lie, desperately trying to find a less painful position.
This is the main external difference between renal colic from other diseases that cause severe pain in the abdomen, when the rest brings some relief.

Such pain can also cause inflammation, affecting the left ureter. For example, if the infection is caught in bladder, began to spread beyond it. Usually, this is accompanied by rapid urination.

Often the cause of pulling or stabbing pain, especially in people over 50 years old, be a problem with the sigmoid colon. For accurate diagnosis, in addition to external examination, additional examination and feces analysis.

Women experiencing such pain in the left lower part of the peritoneum, be sure to contact your gynecologist. The cause may be a cyst of the left ovary, neoplasms, acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, etc.

What to do when the pain left of belly button

If you have pain in the abdomen, must consult a specialist. If the pain is severe, or is accompanied by a sharp rise in temperature, fever, you should immediately call an ambulance! In any case it is impossible to take a hot bath or applied to the affected area warmer. In some diseases this can lead to a sharp deterioration of the patient. It is undesirable to independently take medication.
If the pain is very strong, and for some reason, get quick medical assistance is impossible, take an analgesic. But then at the first opportunity, consult a doctor.

Should be screened from professionals such as surgeon, a gastroenterologist, a urologist. Women, as already mentioned, is also necessary to consult a gynecologist.
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