Mentally divide the abdomen (from breast to hips) by 4 square: top right, lower right, upper left, lower left. Determine which of the left squares is the most painful point in the lower or the upper. This largely depends on the correct diagnosis.
In the upper left square of the belly feels pain at the diseases of heart, stomach, spleen, pancreas. Accordingly, it may be supplied from one of the following diagnoses: gastritis, left pyelonephritis, rupture or infarction of the spleen, angina, myocardial infarction, left-sided pneumonia, pancreatitis, etc.
Pain in the lower left square of the abdomen indicates problems intestinal and infectious diseases of the genital organs. In women they can also be caused by ovarian cyst or an ectopic pregnancy.
Analyze any soreness. Intensity, nature of pain and related symptoms, the doctor performs initial diagnostics of the internal organs.
Pain caused by myocardial infarction, has a sharp and burning in nature. All heart attacks are accompanied by shortness of breath, pain in left arm, left side of the neck, weakness, sweating and indistinct pulse, etc. people Often preinfarction condition complain of fear of death, that is a common symptom in diseases of other organs of the left half of the body.
Sharp cutting pain in the left side occurs when there is rupture of the spleen. In addition, the skin around the navel will acquire a bluish tint. Due to internal bleeding, loss of consciousness.
Diseases of stomach (gastritis, ulcers) remind myself aching pain that occurs after eating (gastritis with low acidity) or with an empty stomach (gastritis with high acidity, ulcer). You can also feel nausea, frequent urge to vomit, bad taste in mouth, belching and heaviness in the stomach. A sharp pain, as if from a blow with a sharp knife may occur during the perforation of ulcer. It is so strong that the person loses consciousness.
About inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis) can be judged by the pain left and centre of the abdomen. A sharp pain goes around the left side and the back, fever. The attack of pancreatitis is accompanied by vomiting.
Bowel disease (colitis) diagnosed by a dull and aching pain. It also joins bloating, loss of appetite, rumbling, stool blood and pus.
Problems in the female reproductive system indicate pain associated with the menstrual cycle. He is either disrupted or terminated altogether. In the latter case, you should immediately get tested for the presence of ectopic pregnancy.
Pain in left side can be caused and other diseases. Remember that even when the pain of small intensity you need to contact the doctor. Only a specialist can determine the seriousness of the disease and prescribe timely and adequate treatment.