Presses on the abdomen and feel the pain

Often the diagnosis performed by the doctor pressing on the abdomen. The patient responses to the question what it feels is the first diagnosis that has been confirmed or refuted by additional tests. So, talking about pain when pressing on stomach?

The most common cause pain when pressed is acute gastritis. The unpleasant sensation of pain localized in the upper abdomen and accompanied by nausea and severity. Upset stomach and vomiting often accompany the fever. The tongue is covered with grayish-yellow tinge.
When you press on the abdomen occurred on the right a sharp pain indicates possible inflammation of appendicitis. In addition to abdominal pain, a symptom of this serious disease be vomiting, diarrhea, fever. When these symptoms refer for medical attention do not delay, as the consequences of the delay can be the worst.

If a person has problems with the liver or the pancreas, pressing the abdomen on the upper right will cause pain. To confirm the diagnosis in this case is ultrasound.

Pain in the upper abdomen on the left occurs due to the enlarged spleen. If this burst on impact, around the navel you will find the skin a bluish hue.

The diagnosis "poisoning" is placed by the doctor if pain occurs in the left side and is accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

Diseases of the small intestine will be felt with pain from depression around the navel. The main cause of discomfort in this area can be a poor diet, overuse legumes that cause flatulence, or the presence of worms.

Abdominal pain in women

Pain when pressing in the abdomen that occurs in women, is associated with gynaecological problems. It could be ovarian cysts, inflammation of the appendages or regular menstruation. However, the cause of the pain may become diseases of the kidneys, inflammation of the urinary tract, dysbiosis or colitis.

Whatever the prerequisites for the occurrence of abdominal pain, to postpone the visit to the doctor is impossible. Only he can examine your body fully and then prescribe an appropriate treatment. Delay in seeking care for many turns exacerbations and chronic forms of diseases, get rid of them will be more difficult.