Ache the abdomen in the navel area may in acute appendicitis, and the pain in this case often appears suddenly. First, "bottled" around the belly, then concentrated in the umbilical region. This period may increase the temperature, increase heart rate. Clicking on the navel or the right part of the stomach, the patient feels a sharp pain. The situation requires an immediate call to ambulance.
Chronic enteritis is another cause of pain the navel. The disease often accompany colitis or gastritis. When enteritis, inflamed small intestine, hence the aching pain, heaviness in the region of the navel, manifested most often after a meal. With the normalization of diet and the use of special therapeutic diets such a phenomenon is reduced to "no".
With protrusion of the intestinal wall (e.g., chronic constipation) can cause diverticulitis, a disease that can be accompanied by pain in the umbilical region. For many years the disease can not be felt, then manifest with fever and pain when pressing on the navel.
Pain in the umbilical region appear in the umbilical hernia when any internal organ pushes through the umbilical ring into the abdominal wall. Hernia is manifested by pain in the abdomen and in the navel, nausea, vomiting, constipation. The process of treatment of umbilical hernia, requires the advice of a doctor and possible surgery.
If there was a volvulus of the small intestine (occurs due to the presence of adhesions, stitches in the abdomen, constipation or severe diarrhea, often in young infants), there is, in addition to discomfort in the belly button, vomiting, constipation, severe painful abdominal cramps. The situation can be very dangerous and critical, especially for a child, therefore requires immediate treatment for medical help.
The belly button may be sore in women during pregnancy. But here we must distinguish between discomfort in the navel area, which are caused by the growth of the abdomen, tight skin on it. Such a phenomenon is considered normal during pregnancy. But when the pain in my belly button is aching, sharp or not passing, the woman urgent to tell your doctor who is watching her in the antenatal clinic. Such symptoms in some cases, say the threat of miscarriage or the occurrence of umbilical hernia in a pregnant woman.