Advice 1: Pain and tingling in the lower abdomen: possible causes

Pain and tingling in the abdomen – common symptoms that are familiar to everyone. Abdominal pain can arise through factors that serve as stimuli. The characteristics of pain and tingling in the abdomen also include the sensitivity of nerve endings of the internal organs of the body.
Pain and tingling in the lower abdomen: possible causes
Please note that the pain and tingling in the lower abdomen often arise from overload or sports. At the same expand and contract the internal muscles which give an effect of tension. The main thing – do not overdo it in training.

Causes of abdominal pain

Abdominal pain is different, but can be a consequence of the disease. Divided into types:
- sharp and blunt;
- cutting;
- throbbing;
- colicky;
- aching;
- bursting.
The pain may spread to all parts of the abdomen.

The most common causes of pain and tingling in the lower abdomen

The specificity of tingling in the abdomen can reveal the actual cause of their occurrence:

- sharp pain (intestinal infection, food poisoning, overeating, appendicitis, obstruction);
- acute lower abdominal pain (cholecystitis, renal colic, acute appendicitis, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis);
- aching pain (kidney stone disease, chronic cholecystitis);
- nagging dull pain (ectopic pregnancy, cystitis, urethritis, inflammation of the ovaries, polycystic, prostate);
- pain in the abdomen, which becomes the lower back (pyelonephritis, renal tumor, renal failure, kidney stone disease, inflammatory processes).

Alarming symptoms: as evidenced by

A sharp tingling in the lower abdomen may occur when overeating or flatulence. Common causes of sharp pain in the abdomen can be:
- peritonitis;
- gastritis;
- ulcer;
intestinal infection;
- cystitis;
- appendicitis;
- renal colic.
Food poisoning pain and tingling in the abdomen may arise suddenly. This process is accompanied by fever, nausea and vomiting, excessive flatulence and diarrhea.
To relieve abdominal pain, you need to make a absorbent. The type of such drugs is of conventional activated carbon, "Kreon" and "Mezim". Medications facilitate the manifestation of acute pain, diarrhoea and nausea.

First aid for abdominal pain

To ease his pain, give the patient peace and quiet, attach to the belly of the ice, give 1-2 tablets of absorbent material. Should not be resort to folk remedies, drink painkillers, be applied to the stomach hot, drink laxatives, intentionally to induce vomiting, to eat and drink. Not knowing the cause of the abdominal pain, the best option would be to call the doctor at home.

Advice 2 : Why hurts in the lower abdomen

Stabbing pain in the lower abdomen are often formed with spastic contractions of certain muscle fibers located in the muscular layer of the pelvic organs. Reasons that may appear painful sensations in this area a lot.
Why hurts in the lower abdomen

Helpful information

Coordinated work of the muscle membrane is organized complex natural mechanisms of regulation, which at any moment can be broken as different kinds of pathologies (neuroses, inflammatory process, etc.) and some physiological conditions, e.g. pregnancy.

As is often stabbing pain in the lower abdomen associated with a particular spasm of muscle fibers, to eliminate this kind of pain syndrome is possible, using modern antispasmodics (for example, "Papaverine", "Spazmalgon", "Nosh-PA").

It is worth noting that often stabbing pain in the lower abdomen can be a symptom of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the genitourinary system or of other serious disorders of the nervous system. You should not self-medicate. A consultation with a qualified professional to help deal with the true cause of arising sharp pain in the abdomen.
The doctor, examining General condition, prescribe the appropriate treatment and give valuable recommendations.

Causes of sharp pain in the abdomen

Often stabbing pain in the lower abdomen associated with pregnancy. They are caused by transient (transient) reductions of separate fibers of the muscle membrane of the uterus. It should be noted that pain, as a rule, formed physiological causes. It is known that during pregnancy the uterus is quite rapidly increasing in size. It's no surprise that during the active development and growth there are some "problems" of regulation of muscular fibres, which are manifested clinically by attacks of piercing pain in the lower abdomen.

Stabbing pain in the lower abdomen can also be caused by diseases of the intestine. They are associated typically with chronic inflammatory processes of the mucous membrane.

In the long course of the disease in the first place interfering with the natural working of the muscle membrane of the intestine. This leads to systematic spasms of her muscles.

It is known that stabbing pain in the abdomen often occur due to diseases of the urinary system. Pain on the left or right of the abdomen indicate spasms of smooth muscle muscles in the corresponding ureter. In these cases the pain is often accompanied by the so-called "dysuria" (painful urination, urgent need to urinate, frequent urination).

Urolithiasis is the most common cause spasms of the ureters. At the first symptoms of this disease should immediately seek help at a health facility.
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