To get rid of itchy skin consider its origin as itching can be a symptom of skin diseases and manifestation of diseases such as jaundice, diabetes, vitamin deficiency, blood diseases, parasitic infestations, food poisoning. Respectively start the elimination with treatment of the underlying disease. Otherwise, the treatment will be temporary and short-lived result.

For skin itching caused by beriberi, and make your diet varied and balanced. Include large amounts of raw vegetables and fruits. Take vitamin-mineral complex combined and a separate iron preparation (iron with vitamin C, B9 and B12). A deficiency of this element can cause dry and itchy skin.

If itchy skin is related to its age (sagging, dryness, and violation of sebum), use funds to soften, nourish and moisturize. Apply as a cream and natural products: honey, milk, egg yolk, sour cream, vegetables and fruit. And that they are better absorbed into the skin, free of toxins and salts. To do this two times in a week to visit bath (steam room).

Be sure to drink enough water. Dehydration is a common cause of pruritus. In addition to water, drink herbal teas: nettle, peppermint, succession, calendula and chamomile. They are well soothe the skin and eliminate itching. Do not forget that the main treatment should be inside, because skin manifestations are only a symptom of internal health problems.

For help with itching, apply a local external treatments (baths, lotions and compresses) with the use of herbal concoctions and products of natural origin. For making dilute juice dill water (in the ratio 1:2) and wipe them sugasuga the surface of the skin. Also take warm baths with a decoction of nettles, or succession of celandine.

Because itchy skin can be caused by a disorder of the nervous system, carry out a complex of measures to stabilize the mind and strengthen the entire body: contrasting dousing with water, sun and air baths, exercise, proper sleep.

If itchy skin is accompanied by a rash on it, consult immediately to the doctor. Perhaps we are talking about an allergic reaction, parasitic infestation or infection. These diseases require medical supervision and medication.