First of all, identify all associated symptoms itching legs – it is possible that in combination they will provide a complete picture of the disease. The first thing to check is the possibility of contact with the allergen. Remember, what you ate recently, it could be new or substandard products, a large amount of some food, etc. Itchy feet and Allergy stockings, socks or cloth pants.

If the allergic nature of the itching, you can use special ointments and the ingestion of drugs. Antihistamines work quickly enough, and after a few days you will see the result. Creams and ointments need to find the dermatologist who confirms the diagnosis and will paint treatment. And, of course, you need to immediately eliminate contact with the allergen.

Sometimes my legs itch in the winter when the body lacks vitamins – eliminate the cause of beriberi and everything will work out. Take a multivitamin complexes and moisturize the skin suitable nutritional compositions.

Feet may become itchy because the skin is too dry – it happens when you shave your legs too often or use as a foam disinfectant compositions, soap. Try to change the way of getting rid of hair and apply liberally to the skin moisturizer. The skin gets so dry and bad water, maybe you frequent the pool or the composition of tap water is too mineralized. Such problems can be solved, regular moisturizing skin creams, lotions and using mild soap.

Turn blood tests – General and biochemical. Often the reason lies in the internal diseases – diabetes, hormonal disorders, liver disease, etc. take a survey, if the dermatologist will celebrate its necessity – the sooner you start to treat the disease, the faster the symptoms will disappear.

Feet may become itchy varicose veins or tired – often make them rest, bandages, compression bandages, do special exercises and solve the problem with the blood vessels.

Feet are often itchy because you're bitten by insects – check out the apartment, the furniture and the bed for the presence of bed bugs and other small blood-sucking parasites.