You will need
  • - infusion of marigold;
  • is chamomile tea;
  • - calendula ointment;
  • - antihistamines;
  • - baby cream;
  • - the infusion of oregano or series.
Try to establish the exact cause of itching and redness of the skin, to carry out an effective treatment and not to aggravate the situation.
In localized itching use external products – spray, cream or ointment containing menthol or zinc. Wipe the skin with tincture of calendula and chamomile extract, then grease with calendula ointment. This will not only bring relief but will also has antimicrobial effects (may cause itching bacteria).
If the redness and itching caused by an allergic reaction, buy in a drugstore antihistamines. Be sure to note whether they possess sedative effect, it is especially important for car drivers.
When the itch and redness of the skin due to stress and increased nervous excitability start taking sedatives, preferably of plant origin or the infusion of Valerian tablets (motherwort), sedative herbal tea or tea.
A common cause of redness of the skin is excessive dryness. In this situation, use a moisturizing cosmetic products, better tanning lotions designed for children.
If itching is accompanied by swelling and inflammation, an effective means of treatment are ointments containing hormonal substances – glucocorticosteroids. However prior to seek advice from a doctor because they are used only with his recommendations!
If these symptoms occur with a certain frequency, then watch your diet. Exclude from food irritating body products – spices, coffee, spicy and salty meals, foods often cause allergies (e.g., citrus, mayonnaise).
Quickly to relieve itching will help a soothing bath or shower. Take a bath in the evening before bedtime for 20 minutes. Pre-add water, infusion of oregano or series. Make sure that the water temperature does not exceed 37 degrees.
When long-lasting redness, use a cream or ointment containing b-vitamins and ascorbic acid (vitamin C), it will relieve itching, peeling, soothe inflammation, and improve skin resistance to negative environmental influences.