About 40% of people today suffer such a nuisance, like bumps, located on the feet and having the ability to play high above the bone.

The disease occurs in varying degrees of complexity. It is the difficulty of the stage will depend on the effectiveness of future treatment - medication or by traditional methods.

In the case where there is running form (red surface), especially when suffering knee and growth is high, then the best option would be surgery. If there is a light stage, to cope with the bumps will help the traditional methods.

Here are some of them

Enough quickly get rid of this disease by conventional propolis, which you want to take a small piece, thoroughly warmed in the hands and apply the resulting pulp on a bone, then you can do a compress using propolis tincture. Will stop aching after a couple of sessions.

The most common and ancient way of treatment of this disease is considered clay.
Recipe: 50 grams of clay to add a tablespoon sold in pharmacies of sea salt, ten drops of turpentine. To dilute a glass of water. The mixture smear the bumps.

The clay poultice must be performed very carefully!

Some people helps ordinary iodine.

This should lubricate the bump with iodine, and then to make lotions medical bile by purchasing it at the pharmacy. The procedure it is advisable to take before sleep.

A soft piece of cloth to moisten in the bile, put a lump, the leg wrapped with cellophane and top with a warm cloth.
Despite the duration of such procedures, this tool is considered the popular and effective.

After a couple months of treatment you can have no doubt: the effect will be positive.

The easiest way to treat when there is a small bump

But the most simple and affordable applies here is salt poultice - ointment from eggs of chicken.

For its preparation will need a fresh egg, and be sure that the shell had a white color, which needs to be broken in pyatidesyatimetrovy glass, where to pour acetic acid to the top. You must then leave the infusion for a couple of weeks in a cool, dark place. At the expiry of sludge you need to remove the shell of the eggs, the remaining liquid thoroughly shaken.

Next add into the container a tablespoon of melted lard, then pour a teaspoon of turpentine. The resulting ointment to smear the affected area of the skin. The procedure is performed through the day.

Despite its apparent simplicity, these folk ways checked more than one generation and proved its effectiveness.