You will need
  • - insoles, toe cushions, arch supports; finger scissors; special ties; - braces; - mug; - propolis; - iodine and dandelion.
Use conservative treatment bumps the big toe. However, heavy and medium stages of disease, this type of treatment will have no effect.
Use orthopedic products: • Insoles, toe cushions, arch supports – contribute to the normalization of load distribution in the front part of the foot, visually align itself in the foot. • Finger proof – apply at night, not allowed to deviate thumb on. • Special tie – support the transverse arch of the foot. • Braces – designs that capture the thumb and not allow him to deviate.
Apply the massage, different baths and also use physiotherapy treatments to enhance blood circulation. When severe pain you can use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
Remove the bone on the big toe of the foot using surgical method. Today medicine known about 150 ways such treatment of bumps on fingers. Modern methods of surgical intervention less traumatic. Some time after the operation wearing special shoes or using insoles. In the most severe stages of the required osteotomy. Thus, in particular, for fixing bones instead of needles used special screws that are not removed.
Pay attention to people's means of getting rid of the bumps on the big toe. In mild cases this treatment makes sense. In addition to recipes alternative medicine can be used alongside traditional treatment or to serve the purpose of prevention of deterioration and prevention of this disease. So, one of the folk remedies is a mug.
Take few leaves of this plant, then spread turpentine, wrap the leg from the foot to the knee, wrap with a plastic bag and then another warm cloth. Such a compress should be done on the last 3 months. Do not overdo it, because with this tool you can get a real burn. Another popular recipe is the propolis.
Preheat single piece of propolis in the hand and apply it on the bump on the big toe of the foot, next top the compress of infusion of this tool. In addition, iodine and dandelion have proven effective when dealing with bone on the feet. Take 100 g of dandelion flowers, chop them, let dry and add a bit of iodine, then allow to steep for 2 weeks. The bone on the thumb need to paint the mesh using the resulting tincture, after a good steam, and wiping his feet dry.