You will need
  • Orthopedic surgeon, finger scissors, iodine, a decoction of herbs, fifteen minutes of time, preferably in the evening.
Determine the cause of the bones in the legs. You can select among the risk factors for the presence of obesity, impaired water – salt balance in the body, hormonal imbalance, hereditary or acquired flat feet.
The first radical recommended by doctors – orthopedic - surgery. Operation is not complicated, after a few days the patient will already be on his feet, the only condition is in recovery period, which lasts 4-5 weeks, to wear the simple and comfortable shoes without a heel. Please note – even the simplest surgery can result in serious consequences.
How to reduce the bones in the <b>legs</b>
The second way, the conservative – as a preventive and curative measure to wear finger correctors, insoles, arch supports and other orthopedic fixture, preserving the natural position of the foot during loading. The disadvantage is that all this must be used constantly.
How to reduce the bones in the <b>legs</b>
A third method is the local application of drugs. Method is effective if the procedure does not forget to carry out regularly for two months. Thoroughly steam the feet in the decoction of herbs containing essential oils, plantain, sage, mint. You then need to dry feet and massage the area. Directly on a bone to cause iodine mesh cotton swab.
How to reduce the bones in the <b>legs</b>