Fortunately, modern medicine knows a lot of funds for treatment of this disease. The first thing you should do is to refuse to uncomfortable shoes in favor of shoes comfortable for your feet. No wonder this disease affects mainly women, who often bring convenience to sacrifice fashion and beauty, flaunting eye-popping studs. Try as little as possible to wear high-heeled shoes and do not wear too small shoes for you in the hope that someday you post them. It extremely negatively affects the health of your feet.
Make regular massage of the feet, exercise the big toe joint. In the initial stages of the disease that gives excellent results.
Help and exercises to strengthen the feet. The most effective is the following exercise: slip on the toes thick rubber band and slowly stretch it. Repeat 20 times. Also a wonderful exercise will be the rotation of the feet in different directions, grasping toes small items, as well as the clenching and unclamping fingers. This set of exercises to do every night, especially after a whole day pass in a narrow Shoe.
Folk medicine offers a way of treating inflamed joints: take a leaf of burdock on the rough side which is applied to the turpentine. Burdock is applied to the affected joint, is pressed from above the polyethylene and is fixed with a bandage. These packs are recommended to do at night. Also a good helping of foot baths with the addition of baking soda and medicinal plants: St. John's wort, chamomile, etc.