You will need
  • - a decoction of herbs of Linden or chamomile
  • dry stalks of wormwood
  • - iodine
  • - aspirin
  • - camphor
  • - ammonia
  • - red pepper
  • - concoctions
To treat bones in the toes need to systematically. A daily foot bath with a decoction of herbs of Linden or chamomile will relieve tired feet and reduce pain.
Very often, the appearance of the bones on the toes associated with flat feet, so at the first signs of this disease should be treated immediately. In the treatment of flatfoot important role plays the correct position of the foot in the Shoe, so you need to carefully choose the shoes for everyday wear. There are special orthotics such as polustanke Bykov, who can invest in any shoes. Then the foot will always maintain the correct position.
Effective treatment of the bones on the toes is a massage on the system su-Jok with the use of sagebrush cigarettes or sticks. For this you need to cut the dried stalks of wormwood on sticks, like cigarettes (they can also be purchased in su-Jok centers). Then determine points corresponding to the location of the bones in the system and to massage a lit cigarette. The method is very effective, but it is better to do specialist su Jok center, or to learn this technique under supervision of a specialist.
National way to get rid of the bones on the toes – 5 tablets of ordinary aspirin, dissolve them in 1 bottle of iodine (10 ml) to smear the sore spots for two weeks at night. Feet will keep warm, for example, wear wool socks.
The ointment prepared in the home – equal parts of camphor, ammonia and red pepper, 30 grams and 12 grams concoctions dissolved in 400 grams of alcohol, to lubricate the bone on the night, wrap and put on warm socks. The procedure is done within 10 days. Typically, the bone becomes softer and completely lost. The procedure can be repeated once a month.