Try to get a thorn with tweezers, however this is not always possible. Well extracted in this way large spikes, leaving behind only a depression in the skin. If you do not go, rasparte foot in a basin of hot water (not boiling water) and then try to get it. If the ship remained in the foot, try to use other methods.
Take a copper plate and rascality it on the stove. Once it has cooled down to a temperature that can withstand a hand, quickly attach the copper to the spike and wrap the affected area with bandage. The procedure is repeated daily in the evening hours while the ship will not work. After you attach the record, may be a strong burning sensation, but you need a little patience. Usually ship out in 3-5 days, but sometimes later.
Buy drug Argonika. It is composed of silver ions, in a summary given to breed, but this can be unnecessary burn still will not, and will intensify. Wet the leg and put a few drops of the solution. Then cover the tenon with a band-aid. Spray the spike until, until he will come himself.
If you suffer from severe pain, go to the surgeon. The doctor just a few minutes remove the thorn. You can also burn it with laser, if you are afraid to go to the surgeon. After surgery the healing process happens very quickly. To treat thorn in the home for a long time, and not always helps.