Perform daily simple exercises of medical gymnastics:
- grab floor with toes crumpled piece of paper and put it in my hand. Gradually learn to miss the more complicated items - a pen, a rag, a cube;
- try to move separate toes. These attempts, regardless of the outcome, it is highly contribute to the development and strengthening of small muscles and ligaments of the ankle.
Only wear soft, comfortable shoes, without a heel better. If any cases require a short time to wear shoes with a heel, it should not be very high and sustainable. As often as possible shoes replace sneakers.
Between the toes, place cotton flagella or buy in the drugstore special pads.
To the shoes are not too strongly pressed on the sore spot, take a porous rubber or thin foam rubber, cut a hole and sew on the podslednika so that the bone was placed in the hole. The result is a free space between the shoes and the bone, and the Shoe will not push.
Rasparte feet in hot water, then intensely massage the bone.
Try applying a compress of cabbage leaves. Cut them with a thick Central vein, repel and tie to the foot at night.
Make compresses from the leaves of burdock soaked in turpentine, or powdered onion.
Make a warm foot bath, adding water, soda and herbal sedative herbs.
Daily and anoint bone with iodine.
If none of the above don't work, you will have to seek the assistance of a surgeon. However, the modern method of removal of the bones allows you to do without getting a cast, and the function of the foot fully recovered after a week.