Every day perform a simple exercise:
- toes from the floor, grab a crumpled piece of paper and put it in my hand. Gradually try to grab more and more complicated items - a pen, a cube, a rag;
- try to move each toe. Regardless of the outcome, these attempts are well-known to contribute to the strengthening and development of ankle ligaments and small muscles.
Only wear comfortable, soft shoes, and better shoes. If you are unable to give them up, choose shoes is not very high and stable heel. Try as often as possible to wear sneakers.
Make foot salt bath. Fill the bowl half with hot water and add a handful of salt, dial complete hand as you enter. Wait until the water has cooled to comfortable temperature and immerse the feet into the pelvis. These trays take within fifteen minutes. A course of two weeks, then take a break for seven days, on again for two weeks baths. To get rid of bumps, you will need four courses.
Dissolve the standard tiny bottle of iodine five aspirin. The result of these manipulations iodine becomes colorless. The night with the solution to lubricate the cone. Then wear socks to the legs were warm.
Another very effective in combating cones help honey compresses. To prepare necessary propolis. A piece of honey to soften, shape of bones, from top, apply dry dressing. Leave the poultice overnight.
In the same way you can use compresses of cabbage leaves. To do so, remove them with a thick Central vein, repel and bind overnight to the leg.
If none of these options help, then ask for help to the surgeon. Modern methods of removing the cones on the legs allow you to do without getting a cast, and the functionality of the foot is completely restored in a week.