You will need
  • - comfortable shoes;
  • - orthotics and arch supports;
  • - 3% solution of iodine;
  • - propolis;
  • - band-aid;
  • non - steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
Refrain from shoes with high heels, wedge heels, is totally flat stiff soled shoes with pointed toes. It is not possible to rationally distribute the body weight on the foot and contributes to valgus deviation (the medical name of the disease). Choose shoes with rounded capes, heel no higher than 4 cm, with a flexible shock absorbing sole.
Sneakers, in spite of their convenience, use only for sport. In them, due to the presence of enhanced cushioning, leg rests, ligaments relax, and stop to hold the arch of the foot in the correct position.
Wear orthotics and arch supports. It will adjust the correct position of the feet in your shoes. Regular wearing of insoles and arch supports to suspend the growth of bones and relieve pain.
Get rid of excess weight, if any. Weight tends to put additional stress on the bones of the foot. Not necessarily sit on a strict diet, you can limit the amount of fatty foods and carbohydrates (bread, pastries, pasta, potatoes).
Learn the correct gait: the straightened shoulders, a straight back and your head elevated. Proper gait will adjust the center of gravity and properly distribute your body weight on the foot.
Every evening do iodine grid on bones. Use 3% solution of iodine, otherwise you risk to burn.
Apply at night to the bones compress of propolis. A piece of propolis mash in his hands and attach to the bone. Top stick a band-aid. If you have no propolis, use the pharmacy alcohol tincture of propolis. Her wet cotton wool, apply to the foot, the top cover with piece of plastic, secure with a bandage and wear socks.
For severe pain take the pill "Ortofena", "Naiza", "Movalis" or similar non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
If the above methods do not help you, the disease progresses and affects the life, contact your orthopedic surgeon for surgery. The recovery period after it lasts 1-1. 5 months during which it is necessary to wear special shoes. After this time you can afford any shoes.