To slow down the process of deformation wear arch supports, finger correctors, insoles and ties, chosen individually. In parallel with this, take a course of physical therapy combined with special massage.
To remove growths on the bones will help a folk remedy, comprising of one bottle of medical bile (you can buy in the pharmacy), four bottles of camphor oil (40ml each), four minced pod bitter pepper and red pepper flakes (1 tbsp). Stir the mixture and let sit in a cool place during the week, and then make a compress for the night. Repeat the procedure for 10 days, another course must pass three months later.
To relieve the pain and softening of the bones in the feet with the help of packs of fresh fish. It is better to take river fish. Keep it in the refrigerator. A week do packs of fish, then a week massage into bone fir or vegetable oil. Three months later, the whole procedure will repeat.
Cabbage leaf is a good anti-inflammatory agent. Brush it with the honey and sprinkle with salt. Apply the poultice on the pre-steaming bone, wrap the top with cellophane and put on socks.
From time to time apply to bone iodine grid at night, make poultice of raw potato in the morning before Breakfast grease pit his own saliva, and in the evening, do the bath with sea salt.