Many will remember from high school, and since University and secondary special education, the lack of understanding of why children are taught such a large number of "unnecessary" items. Very often, students applying to a particular degree, wondering why they teach psychology, if they need the diploma of the programmer and Vice versa. Why, for example, a biologist or geographer applied mathematics?
In the field of medicine knowledge of applied mathematics will be useful in genetic engineering, medical instrumentation, bioengineering systems.

Useful science

Applied mathematics is a field of mathematics that deals with mathematical methods and algorithms in other scientific and practical fields. Examples of such applications are very diverse numerical methods, linear programming, mathematical physics, optimization, operations research, Analytics, biomathematics, bioinformatics, game theory, information and probability, statistical analysis, financial mathematics, theory of insurance and much more.

On the one hand, it is impossible to say exactly what is applied mathematics. But one thing is clear – the subject finds applications in many modern areas of activity and science.

Who is "friends" with math

One of the most popular professions, where applied mathematics can not do, is a programmer. In the work of the programmer in applied mathematics applied linear programming, information theory, and optimization software products. This profession is increasingly gaining popularity, as computer technology becomes more common and applicable than, for example, 10 years ago.

Another no less interesting and necessary profession, which requires knowledge of methods of applied mathematics, is a system analyst. This activity involves working with large data sets, as well as models of real objects, their analysis and application of obtained results in practice. For these purposes, used in operations research, theory of statistics, optimization models and methods applied economic objects.
In space use all the achievements of mathematics and technology, therefore, without the development of applied mathematics in this field to work will not work.

And of course, do not forget about such a necessary profession as an accountant. Here applied mathematics has also found its application. She need to solve problems in the theory of statistics, financial mathematics and operations research. This profession is extremely important for any enterprise, because without balance control even the most successful idea will fail in the beginning of its existence.