Passing biology on the high score may apply to the Department of biology. In addition to this item, you will have to bring the results of the testing on the Russian language, chemistry and mathematics, and also may undertake additional University exam in your favorite natural science (depending on the University discipline may vary). It would be nice if you also versed in physics – at the beginning of study at the faculty of biology this subject is given much attention.
Biology is a compulsory exam for admission into medical school. With this discipline you have to show your knowledge in Russian language and chemistry. If you would like to do not cure people, and the development and implementation of the latest technologies and cutting-edge equipment, you will need knowledge of physics.
Psychologist – is another specialty, receipt of which will not be without test in biology. If you have a penchant for the Humanities, can give preference to this faculty. However, the list of required items varies depending on the educational institution. Typically, students, in addition to biology, also provide the results of the exam on the Russian language, social studies, math or history.
In veterinary medicine without biology is not enough. Wishing to treat animals, in addition to the main subject, have to prove their knowledge in the Russian language and mathematics or chemistry, depending on the chosen faculty.
The results of the exam in biology required for admission to the environmental Department. Also, depending on your chosen educational institution, you may need Russian language, mathematics, geography, chemistry or physics.