First, if you have no higher education and you are under thirty-five, you can try to learn new specialties for free. Our government gives the opportunity to get the first free education to thirty-five years. Secondly, if you have the need to work to provide for themselves, pay attention to evening and correspondence education. It costs less than a day, not impose a completely unnecessary items, and disciplined adult to figure the material is usually easier than a very young student.
To get the second education in many Universities is not set age limit. In some places reluctant to accept applicants over the age of fifty years. As mentioned above, free second higher education can not be obtained, besides, the men in this case is not granted a deferment from the army.
A good option to obtain a second higher education will be evening or extramural studies. First, they are usually cheaper than full-time study, and second, a disciplined adult should not experience any problems with independent learning.
When choosing a new specialty, you must understand some of the nuances. Learn to use an interpreter after thirty is not easy, because learning languages is given at this age is somewhat more complicated. As, for example, the doctor to learn for a long time (five or six years, and internship and residency for three years), moreover the doctor will not be able to study by correspondence.
If circumstances permit, you might want to consider foreign education. Many countries, such as Germany, are willing to teach foreign students on a free basis. Of course, this implies some difficulties with paperwork, but offers the opportunity, upon completing his education, find a job not only in Russia.
The Internet gives the opportunity to listen to lectures of eminent professors and take the online courses, after which you can get significant certificate. Includes Harvard, the Sorbonne, Yale and other status of the institution. Also in the world, there are many open universities. Often lectures you can listen to absolutely free of charge, but for courses will have to pay.
If you do not want to receive second higher education and I don't know, what do you want to do, you hurry to help master-classes, short courses, seminars, etc. They not only help to understand their desires for training, but not hurt the wallet.