How to joke with the girls

Before you start joking, you need to understand the nature of the girl, learn what she likes and what is negative. Indeed, among women there are ladies who like parodies of interesting manners of people, and someone thinks this is a bad attitude and lack of respect for these people.
Very good when between a man and a woman are created personal jokes, the meaning of which is clear only to them. Find any positive aspect of living together and come up with a joke that you will remember more than once.

You can also make fun of the positive qualities of your girl and avoid ridiculing its shortcomings, it's better just to hint than a joke to aggravate the situation. Most importantly, look her in the eye and smile, this will show the friendly nature of your jokes.

The ability to pick up a joke as big as the ability to pick up a compliment. After all, girls are interested in guys that can cheer. Importantly, in this case - the ability to improvise. Prepared jokes are welcome too, but first test them on friends, in order not to fail in front of a lady.

As you can't mess around with girls

It is not so simple as it seems. If the guy is some kind of joke funny, not the fact that she too is laughing at her. It depends on the perception of jokes from boys and girls, which is completely different, and from the events, during which it was said was a joke and that she's ridiculed.

Don't joke during sex and about sex. Guys who joke with a girl about sex, unless they are doing it with her, are considered to be concerned. Also not to be trifled with during sex, as the susceptibility of the weaker sex to humor in these moments of change.
If your jokes can be traced any sarcastic, mocking or spiteful notes, it will speak about your dissatisfaction with the girl or her company.

Do not mock the appearance of women. Even if there is any flaw on her body, should not do. No need to joke around and above her makeup, because the girls are trying to do everything to look even more attractive.

Don't mess over her ex-boyfriend, even if he's not too cute. Girl on a subconscious level to defend it and you may quarrel because of this.

Be careful in the choice of jokes, when your girlfriend is pregnant. Her psyche has changed, and you should consider it. Like death to make fun of a pregnant girl.