Rate your sense of humor from the point of view reactions to your jokes and tricks from real girls. If their attitude to you after your conversation has not changed for the worse or even, on the contrary, has improved, you can maintain a normal conversation with a virtual friend.
Go to the website that hosts funny photos and videos and send her a hilarious picture or funny cartoon. By the way, many girls love to watch old Soviet cartoons.
Home video be careful and not choose it from a male point of view (the Park, and the blonde, coming out of his pockmarked face, etc.). Almost all girls like a video featuring animals that the attentive owners have managed to capture in the most unexpected moment.
If you have to communicate not the first day, you can try to send her a fresh anecdote, preferably on a neutral topic. Don't send her dirty jokes or jokes with a green beard, even ridiculous. It will not speak in favor of your sense of humor. Do not send her and jokes of "a curve mirror" or "Comedy club". Maybe she's looking the other channels.
On many sites devoted to humor (and not only), there is a heading "Issues". Select interesting and funny question and send it to her as if from himself. Try that it did not contain indecent hints. Even if you have long been familiar, a closer communication with you may be in the plans for the girls. Do not ask her, and abstruse matters, for example, from the section "programmers joke", or questions in the rubric "black humor", if you do not want between you for the misunderstanding.
In celebration (birthday, New Year, the Eighth of March), send her a funny ecard with poems, possibly his own composition. You definitely raise her spirits, especially if on a holiday it had to work.
If you talk continually for a long time, but still did not bother to exchange photos, send it 2 their image. One – the usual, work. The second shot is better to do a webcam or camera. For real, skorcite funny (but not repulsive) face and lock the frame. You can dress in some funny costume. Add the obligatory comment: "Find 10 differences". Not only will you cheer this way girl, but will also prove that fully trust her.