Change her opinion of you. For example, she used to see you at work in a boring office employee, who is laconic and in which all thoughts are directed to the work. In this case, you will help the social network. Put the pictures where you are engaged in extreme sports or when you really made a bold move (bungee jump upside down, balloon flight, etc.). In General, show another side of yourself - who know only people. Perhaps you have similar interests with a girl, and you'll even be able to give her professional advice in case you are more experienced in this than she is.
To date, all increasingly popular online diaries (blog, LiveJournal). If you still don't have a blog, it can be easy to create. For this review in the Internet related sites where there are detailed instructions for creating a personal diary. When the diary is created, take one of his the girl of your dreams. Write a tender poem about her place on the page of a beautiful picture or a song of her favorite artist. Then send it to e-mail a link to your page. She will enjoy your attention and you will be number one on her list of friends or fans.
Communicating with the girl on ICQ or on the forum, go abruptly into a foreign language. Write the answer on her question, which she is looking forward to, is unable to understand her language. Of course she'd be interested in what you told her and you say she found a translation. For example, first you wrote to her in French, then in the middle of correspondence has passed again already with Russian and Spanish etc are interested in this original manner of speaking (and helpful to learn the language), and she wants to demonstrate their knowledge of languages. Thus, you will have code words, passwords, which will be understandable only to the two of you!