The first thing you need to keep firmly in mind: girls are people, not mysterious aliens, and although their interests may differ from traditional men's, still find their understanding is quite simple. As well as guys, girls want a sincere friendly attitude. They like it when they exhibit the attention and compliment. And, as well as boys and girls appreciate a good sense of humor and jokes.
If you liked a girl and you don't know how to tie a conversation with her, start with the most simple: smile and greet her. Smile is a really powerful weapon in communication. It can be open, slightly confused, friendly, slightly sarcastic, gentle, funny and a lot of what. Try to have your smile looked warm and sincere. No man, especially a young girl, can not ignore such an invitation to get acquainted.
Often young people say they just don't know what to talk with girls to trigger their interest. Open one important secret: the topic of conversation no is not important, unless you take care of business. At the beginning of Dating, you can comment on any surrounding event or phenomenon, slightly to joke about this, you can ask the opinion of girls or by herself. Do not forget only that we should not joke about the interviewee, until you know her well enough. Even innocent in your opinion a joke may seem offensive and cause a negative reaction.
To produce a positive impression on women, it is worth spending a little time and learn the art of compliment. It is important to remember that a compliment is not flattery, but a way to say something nice to please him. Your compliments should be light and look natural. Do not artificially to invent some outstanding qualities that ladies obviously do not. So we should not make the too obvious compliment, "cloying". To say for the first time met the girl something like: "Your lips are delicious, just like sweet cherries", clearly not the best option. Such a compliment can be perceived as offensive or stupid. Much better to demonstrate that you're excited about this meeting and you enjoy communicating with interesting and charismatic person like this lady.
Guaranteed to arouse interest of the girls need to remember an important psychological trick: it is always useful to talk about the other person than about himself. A lot of guys trying to make a positive impression, make a serious mistake – you begin to talk about themselves, demonstrating their achievements and outstanding quality. And very often achieve the exact opposite effect – women are beginning to consider them narcissistic blowhards. To strike up a casual conversation, ask what your companion where she learns what she likes. And most importantly, don't forget to listen carefully to the answers, then the girl herself unwittingly will tell you what to talk, what pleases her and what it can inspire.