A joke is not just a funny expression, it is important to make a joke the right way of thinking, masterfully fun, to perform, to show erudition. You need to have a rich vocabulary and inner world, as a play on words can be a lot to convey and a story to tell.

Constantly expand your horizons, train your speech a practical dialogue on various topics. By doing this constantly, you will notice that can talk in an endless stream, the reason for this exercise. You will understand that to extract words from the subconscious easily, jokes are born by themselves.

An important detail is knowledge of the person. Shine wit it is possible, having good erudition. For this you need to perform different exercises, for example, spontaneously to describe an object. Without hesitation, it must be done immediately, including their imagination and humor.

Of great importance is how the joke is presented. Very often we are not laughing at a joke, but over how it is presented. You need to have at least minimal acting skills, to be able to improvise. Nothing captivates people as masterfully presented with humor.

The most important thing in this case is a constant practice. After all, any skill, including the ability to joke, depends on how often you train. Try to hone this skill wherever it's appropriate and right. And soon you will notice how you become soul of the company.