First you need to decide where Dating. In warm weather, appointments in a Park, on the waterfront or in a cafe, invite a girl to go on the rides, on the boat or suggest a walk on the boat.
If You both love to spend time actively, you can spend it on bicycles. Bring sandwiches, fruit, juice and picnic in some picturesque place. You can also arrange a picnic out of town: listen to music, swim together in the river, barbequing.
In the cold season also many places for Dating. If a girl is interested in sports, we can offer a variety of sports show, football match or a fighting match. At these events the atmosphere is always lively, you can throw out their emotions, to feel like-minded.
You can invite a girl to the cinema, theatre or concert. But first we need to know what your fiancee is interested in, and make choices based on her preferences.
If you know about the girl is still very small, it is desirable to select a place for a date a cafe or restaurant with classic European cuisine, where you can talk and get to know each other better.
What is the date of the beginning of a long relationship or the final stage of Dating, depends mostly on how you behave. It is important, before meeting with a girl set yourself in a positive way, and their problems and bad mood to leave the house.
Try to make the girl unusual compliments that will stay with her for a long time and will help you to create an atmosphere of romance. Bring a very light touch to the hand, as though accidentally, to the cheek or waist of the girl. Not only physical, but also emotional contact is easily installed during a slow dance.
Do not think about the consequences of Dating, it will only create artificial tension. Try to be natural and genuinely interested in a girl, she sure will feel it. Often ask the opinion of girls on a particular occasion is a great way to keep the conversation going.
At the end of the date don't forget to hold the girl and to thank you for time well spent. Tell her you want to see her again. Thus, you will avoid uncertainty, and the girl will be convinced that you like.Remember - wherever a date is not passed, it is important to be tactful, cheerful, to give the girl to understand that she's special to you, and then the chances to win her affection, will be great.