The topics of conversation that you can use when meeting with a girl

If you first came out with the fairer sex, you need to understand that how you communicate with her, depends on the further development of your relationship. This is why you need to make the correct impression.

Conduct yourself in a relaxed, but not provocatively. Try to speak openly and honestly, looking the girl in the eye and smiling at her. For starters, you can tell a new friend about what you are doing, about your studies or about some plans for the future life. In addition, you can say that the main thing in life for you is not only a career but a happy family, and you would like to find a faithful companion in life. You can also tell a new friend about what qualities must have an ideal in your opinion a woman. After that, your new friend will surely share with you their plans for the future and thoughts about your ideal man. This topic is very interesting and will help you get to know his companion.

You can tell the girl about their interests and Hobbies. Maybe you are doing any kind of sport or play a musical instrument. This topic is also quite entertaining, and during these conversations you can find out whether you have common Hobbies with your companion.

Also during the first meeting you can discuss your favorite music, art, literature, poetry, movies. Conversation about the cinema could turn into a offer visits to the cinema.

In addition, while Dating a girl you can tell her funny stories from your life and the lives of your friends. If you have a pet you can talk about it, because some girls are very fond of Pets.

Don't forget that during the first date you should maximize the interest of a new acquaintance. Try to joke because laughter brings people together.

What you should not talk with a girl while Dating?

In addition to those permissible during Dating there is a list of invalid. It includes talk about ex-relationships in a negative context, conversations about the financial status, discussion of the details of sexual life, too intimate themes or vulgar jokes. Girls don't like to discuss with unfamiliar people.