If you want to raise a girl up through text messages, it is important to remember that your actions must be absolutely selfless. You should not expect from her what she would answer. Therefore, do not fall asleep with her questions, but rather to write something nice to let her know what you think about it. It is always a pleasure.
To raise the mood of the girl by SMS can be obtained only in the case if you do feel happy, cheerful and energetic. Through messages you can transmit your favorite part of his vitality. It is unlikely that you get a good Comforter, if you do need support.
To cheer a girl up through text messages, be active, write more often and choose random, unpredictable and diverse topics for their messages. All girls love SMS, and if it is also interesting correspondence, that pleasant emotions can be stretched for the whole day.
Try to be sincere in trying to cheer up a partner via text messages. If you write it only with a specific purpose (e.g., up to get a date for the evening) or for show, she will feel it and the effect will be spoiled. To cheer up a girl text you get when you most SMS communication is a pleasure.